Why Whiter Teeth Sometimes Means Healthier Teeth

straight white teeth

A look at one of the positive side effects of a teeth whitening procedure.

It is fair to say that most people who come to our long-established Epsom dental practice for a teeth whitening procedure do so because they want a whiter and nicer looking smile. This makes sense, and a teeth whitening procedure is generally considered to be purely cosmetic  with no ‘health’ benefits.

On the surface of things, this is true; however, for some people, having their teeth whitened also brings a change of attitude towards their oral health.

If you have never had your teeth whitened, you may not have noticed it, but your teeth will almost certainly have become darker than when you were a child. Some of this is likely to be surface staining; from tea, coffee and perhaps cigarettes, but some also occurs because the internal part of our teeth darken over time, causing our teeth to look discoloured.

Maintaining a whiter smile

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Six Common Misunderstandings About Dental Veneers

Our Epsom dentists discuss the facts about this popular cosmetic dental procedure.

If your teeth are discoloured, you may have done a little research about both teeth whitening and dental veneers? Whilst there are relatively few concerns about a teeth whitening procedure, having veneers fitted is more complex and, therefore, it is perhaps not surprising to find more questions asked about them, especially if you use the internet to do your research!

In today’s blog, we offer explanations reagrding some of the more common misunderstandings about dental veneers.

The procedure is painful

This is not true. Whilst it is a somewhat invasive procedure, you will be given a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort that you might feel. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

Veneers will end up getting stained too

Whilst this is not entirely untrue, the porcelain veneers that we use at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic are non porous and therefore will not stain very easily at all. Some substances, such as tar from cigarettes, could still stick to the surface though, but regular brushing should be sufficient to stop this from happening.

Veneers look unnatural

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Dental Care And Folklore

Have you ever wondered what people did before the advent of accessible dental care?

It is not uncommon for some patients to be afraid of visiting the dentist; even the most modern and welcoming dental practices like the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom. Of course, we do all that we can to put patients at ease by introducing new technologies to help, such as the Wand, an injection free local anaesthetic system.

It is worth bearing in mind though, that however much you dislike dental visits, the alternatives are much worse, and usually more painful too. In today’s blog from our Epsom dental practice team, we thought we would take a look at how people coped with dental problems in the past, before the advent of the modern surgery.

Dental folklore remedies

It is worth remembering that many folklore remedies originated because there were no professional doctors or dentists available to the huge majority of the population. Very often, problems in these areas were brought to the local ‘wise woman’, sometimes referred to as a ‘witch’. In some cases, these people did have some experience of the use of herbs in medicine, but equally, some were what we would refer to today as ‘scammers’. They would create spells etc purely for money, knowing there was no benefit to them.

The following are just a handful of old folkloric remedies that were used to treat dental problems in the past.


Quite commonly, animals with prominent teeth, such as donkeys, featured in folkloric tales. The ancient Greeks believed that donkey’s milk swilled around the mouth would lead to a healthier mouth, whereas in some areas of Germany in the 1920s, it was believed that you could cure a toothache by kissing a donkey!


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Dentistry And Quality Of Life

dental check

The benefits of dental procedures – more than just a nicer looking smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is largely considered to be mainly beneficial to anyone looking to improve the way that their teeth look.

Aside from the obvious benefits though, an improvement in the appearance of your teeth can also have additional benefits including an increase in self confidence and possibly an improved social life too.

These are definitely benefits worth having, but they are not the only ones. Whilst cosmetic dentistry is aimed primarily at improving appearance, some procedures can also have the benefit of providing additional functionality and can even help to avoid common dental problems such as tooth decay, by allowing for easier cleaning.

Even teeth

Whilst a tooth whitening procedure offers purely cosmetic benefits, some others, such as teeth straightening procedures, offer much more than this. It is true that, once your course of treatment using invisible braces has been completed at our Epsom dental practice, your teeth will look much nicer for being straight and even. However, there are some other unexpected bonuses too.

Teeth that are crooked, and especially those that overlap, can be notoriously difficult to keep clean. The tight spaces between these teeth, or even non existent spaces, means that it is incredibly difficult to clean these areas of the mouth. Neither toothbrush bristles or dental floss can easily enter these spaces, allowing for bacteria to build up, with the subsequent decay or gum disease that might follow.

Once your teeth have been straightened, these tight spaces no longer exist and you will find it much easier to clean your teeth. Regular home care, plus of course hygienist visits at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, means that you should find it easier to keep your teeth trouble free in future.

Dental implants

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It’s Never Too Late For A Stunning Smile

Smiling couple

What improvements can be made to your smile by our Epsom cosmetic dentists?

Have you ever wondered, perhaps whilst watching a celebrity on TV, whether you could have teeth like theirs? If you have, you are almost certainly not alone. The good news is that modern cosmetic dentistry can help you to achieve to a great looking smile, whatever the current condition of your teeth.

The reality is that few celebrities probably have naturally great looking teeth, and most will have had some work done on them.

It makes sense really; if you are on TV and a close up camera shot is used, you really won’t want the first thing that viewers see to be your crooked or discoloured teeth. Indeed, our very own principal dentist, Andrew Murphy, has performed cosmetic dentistry for a number of celebrities, helping them to have great looking smiles.

Where do I start?

A visit to The Clock Tower Dental Clinic should be your first step to having a beautiful smile. Before any treatment starts, you will need to have a full mouth examination and have any current problems such as decay or gum disease, treated. Your initial consultation will also include a discussion between dentist and patient about exactly what it is you hope to achieve and the anticipated price for the work. A suitable treatment plan can then be developed.

The treatments

The treatments that you need will clearly depend on the current condition of your teeth. Some patients may require little more than a teeth whitening procedure, to bring back the whiteness in their smile. Others may need to have missing teeth replaced, or their current teeth straightened using one of the modern orthodontic systems available at our Epsom dental practice. These options will all be discussed transparently and openly at the consultation.

Why the Clock Tower Dental Clinic?

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New Dental Crown?

CEREC machine

Our Epsom dentist advises how to look after it.

Dental crowns are used in a number of procedures at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic. Their most common use is where a tooth has been broken so badly that a straightforward filling would not repair it in a strong enough manner.

They are also used to strengthen a tooth following root canal procedures, and as the final addition to a dental implant placement.

Patients of our Epsom practice are fortunate enough to benefit from the Cerec system that we have here on site at the practice. This allows a ceramic dental crown to be produced in just one hour whilst you wait, rather than requiring a second visit following their production at a dental laboratory.

Crown health

Once your dental crown has been fitted, you should get many years use from it with proper care. Depending on how well they are looked after and how they are used, between five and fifteen years is usual. It is not uncommon for this length of time to be much longer though, and how you look after the crown will contribute towards this.

You should certainly not make the mistake of thinking that because the crown is artificial and will not decay, that you do not to keep it clean. Neglecting your new crown is likely to prove to be a mistake that will eventually result in further dental treatment being necessary.

Tooth decay

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Wave Goodbye To ‘Train Track’ Braces

Modern dental braces

Near invisible dental braces are now available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, Epsom

When a patient comes to our Epsom dentists hoping to straighten their crooked teeth, there is sometimes a sense of reluctance to wear the braces necessary to achieve this.

This is often due to most patients associating dental braces with the old style ‘train track’ ones. These are highly visible and easily noticed, and there is understandably some resistance to wearing them.

Orthodontics (‘braces’) have come a long way though, and our cosmetic dental team can now provide patients with a range of very discreet braces which are equally effective but without the social embarrassment factor of traditional versions.

Clear Aligner

One of the most popular orthodontic systems that we use is the Clear Aligner system. Unlike many other types of braces, both discreet and not so discreet, this system abandons the use of wires and brackets altogether. Instead, a series of trays are made, following impressions being taken of your teeth. These are made from a high grade medical plastic and fit directly over the teeth, with each tray designed to reposition your teeth a little before being removed and replaced by the next in the series. This continues until such a time that you have great looking straight teeth again.

Clear Aligners are not only almost invisible, but also offer a comfortable and convenient wearing experience – they are designed to be removed when eating, and when cleaning your teeth.

Minor corrections

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Some Popular Cosmetic Treatments For Whiter Teeth

white teeth smiles

Our Epsom dentist offers tried and trusted ways to keep your teeth looking great.

One of the most common complaints that people have about their teeth is that they are no longer as white as they used to be.

There may be a number of reasons for this, some of which are under our control, whilst others are not.

Ultimately though, discoloured and unattractive teeth can be greatly improved through cosmetic dental treatments available at The Clock Tower Dental Clinic here in Epsom.

Even though we can limit staining to the teeth by avoiding certain foods and drinks, and by cleaning our teeth effectively, there comes a time when most of us will need a little help. In today’s blog, we look at some of the helpful treatments that are readily available at our local dental practice.

Scale and polish

Although primarily aimed at the prevention of gum disease, the scale and polish procedure provided by the dental hygienist can also help to whiten your teeth a little. A sonic tool is used to remove the hardened tartar from your teeth, which, in conjunction with a final polish, helps to bring back the natural shine of your teeth. We recommend that all of our patients see the hygienist at least twice a year, not only to help fight against gum disease but to keep your teeth and mouth looking and feeling fresher too.

Tooth coloured fillings

Even great looking white teeth can be spoiled by the smallest amalgam filling. Fortunately, these dark patches on our teeth can now easily be replaced by tooth coloured fillings which are so lifelike, they are almost identical to your natural tooth. This type of filling is mercury free and ideal for anyone who may be concerned about the traditional amalgam type fillings.

Teeth whitening procedure

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Four Uses Of Dental Veneers

new smiles with cosmetic dentistry

How our Epsom patients benefit from this versatile cosmetic dental procedure.

Dental veneers have sometimes been referred to as ‘false fingernails for the teeth’. This is a simple and somewhat incorrect definition, though there are similarities as well. In addition to providing a cosmetic solution for certain dental problems, they also offer a corrective treatment for some conditions.

In today’s blog, our Epsom cosmetic dentists take a look at some of the more common uses of dental veneers.

Severely stained teeth

One of the most obvious uses for dental veneers is when patients have teeth that are very heavily stained. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure may improve them a little, the results would be likely to disappoint in more advanced cases. Instead of restoring the whiteness of the tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are, instead, used to replace it.

Chipped or cracked teeth

If a tooth is chipped, cracked or has what are known as ‘craze lines’, there is little that a teeth whitening procedure can do to restore them. Indeed, simply whitening your teeth is likely to only draw more attention to these other flaws in your teeth. Dental veneers are an excellent way of restoring the appearance of teeth that have been damaged in this way.

Eroded enamel

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Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Our Epsom dental team take a look at the range of toothpastes on sale.

Not too long ago, a visit to the supermarket to buy toothpaste just meant a simple choice between different brands. These days however, there seems to be a different toothpaste for every dental problem under the sun. Whilst there are benefits to this approach, it does leave you with a bewildering choice.

Most of us probably have a regular toothpaste that we like the taste of, whilst others may simply opt for the one which is on special offer when we go shopping. To help patients make an informed choice, we take a look at the different types of toothpaste available for patients of The Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom.

The basics

The fact is that, whichever toothpaste you buy; unless you are diligent about cleaning your teeth correctly and regularly, it will make little difference which toothpaste you use. This is the most important point to make. Whilst some lesser known brands may be perfectly fine, you may wish to stick to known established brands if you are unsure.

Whitening toothpastes

It is worth mentioning teeth whitening toothpastes here. These can act in two different ways. Some contain additional abrasives which can help to remove stains from the surface of the teeth. Long term use of these though could result in erosion of the enamel. Some also contain a whitening agent, designed to lighten the internal part of the tooth. Unfortunately, due to health and safety laws, the quantity allowed is very small and is unlikely to make any significant difference. If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, we advise you to contact the cosmetic dentist at our Epsom practice to discuss having a professional, effective teeth whitening procedure.

Gum disease toothpastes

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