Some Popular Cosmetic Treatments For Whiter Teeth

white teeth smiles

Our Epsom dentist offers tried and trusted ways to keep your teeth looking great.

One of the most common complaints that people have about their teeth is that they are no longer as white as they used to be.

There may be a number of reasons for this, some of which are under our control, whilst others are not.

Ultimately though, discoloured and unattractive teeth can be greatly improved through cosmetic dental treatments available at The Clock Tower Dental Clinic here in Epsom.

Even though we can limit staining to the teeth by avoiding certain foods and drinks, and by cleaning our teeth effectively, there comes a time when most of us will need a little help. In today’s blog, we look at some of the helpful treatments that are readily available at our local dental practice.

Scale and polish

Although primarily aimed at the prevention of gum disease, the scale and polish procedure provided by the dental hygienist can also help to whiten your teeth a little. A sonic tool is used to remove the hardened tartar from your teeth, which, in conjunction with a final polish, helps to bring back the natural shine of your teeth. We recommend that all of our patients see the hygienist at least twice a year, not only to help fight against gum disease but to keep your teeth and mouth looking and feeling fresher too.

Tooth coloured fillings

Even great looking white teeth can be spoiled by the smallest amalgam filling. Fortunately, these dark patches on our teeth can now easily be replaced by tooth coloured fillings which are so lifelike, they are almost identical to your natural tooth. This type of filling is mercury free and ideal for anyone who may be concerned about the traditional amalgam type fillings.

Teeth whitening procedure

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Four Uses Of Dental Veneers

new smiles with cosmetic dentistry

How our Epsom patients benefit from this versatile cosmetic dental procedure.

Dental veneers have sometimes been referred to as ‘false fingernails for the teeth’. This is a simple and somewhat incorrect definition, though there are similarities as well. In addition to providing a cosmetic solution for certain dental problems, they also offer a corrective treatment for some conditions.

In today’s blog, our Epsom cosmetic dentists take a look at some of the more common uses of dental veneers.

Severely stained teeth

One of the most obvious uses for dental veneers is when patients have teeth that are very heavily stained. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure may improve them a little, the results would be likely to disappoint in more advanced cases. Instead of restoring the whiteness of the tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are, instead, used to replace it.

Chipped or cracked teeth

If a tooth is chipped, cracked or has what are known as ‘craze lines’, there is little that a teeth whitening procedure can do to restore them. Indeed, simply whitening your teeth is likely to only draw more attention to these other flaws in your teeth. Dental veneers are an excellent way of restoring the appearance of teeth that have been damaged in this way.

Eroded enamel

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Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Our Epsom dental team take a look at the range of toothpastes on sale.

Not too long ago, a visit to the supermarket to buy toothpaste just meant a simple choice between different brands. These days however, there seems to be a different toothpaste for every dental problem under the sun. Whilst there are benefits to this approach, it does leave you with a bewildering choice.

Most of us probably have a regular toothpaste that we like the taste of, whilst others may simply opt for the one which is on special offer when we go shopping. To help patients make an informed choice, we take a look at the different types of toothpaste available for patients of The Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom.

The basics

The fact is that, whichever toothpaste you buy; unless you are diligent about cleaning your teeth correctly and regularly, it will make little difference which toothpaste you use. This is the most important point to make. Whilst some lesser known brands may be perfectly fine, you may wish to stick to known established brands if you are unsure.

Whitening toothpastes

It is worth mentioning teeth whitening toothpastes here. These can act in two different ways. Some contain additional abrasives which can help to remove stains from the surface of the teeth. Long term use of these though could result in erosion of the enamel. Some also contain a whitening agent, designed to lighten the internal part of the tooth. Unfortunately, due to health and safety laws, the quantity allowed is very small and is unlikely to make any significant difference. If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, we advise you to contact the cosmetic dentist at our Epsom practice to discuss having a professional, effective teeth whitening procedure.

Gum disease toothpastes

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Three Clear Reasons To Stop Smoking

From aesthetic issues to serious health problems, smoking is a major concern.

If you, a family member, or friend that you know, still smokes, this blog could change your lives for the better. Especially if you are relatively young and feel fit, the worries about problems such as lung cancer and heart problems might seem a long way away right now. But they could be right around the next corner.

If you do smoke but you are proud of your smile and keen to preserve it, we hope that our dentally biased views on smoking might help you to change your mind about doing it. On an almost daily basis, we see oral problems at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, that have been either directly, or indirectly caused by smoking. We take a quick look at these below.

Stained teeth

Let’s start with the least serious problem that smoking causes, from a health perspective. Stained teeth will not damage your health, although they might damage your social life. Especially when we are younger, our teeth are usually quite white, and, even though they will darken gradually as we get older, nothing discolours them quite like smoking.

As the thick tar in cigarette smoke sticks to the teeth, it builds up a layer that can make your teeth actually appear brown, rather than ‘just’ yellow. Regular visits and cleaning by our Epsom dental hygienist may help, but they will eventually become badly stained, most likely to the extent that even a teeth whitening procedure would fail to lighten them. A more invasive dental veneer procedure might then be necessary to restore their appearance.

Gum Disease

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6 Things To Do In A Dental Emergency In Epsom

Your quick guide to restoring your teeth and alleviating pain following damage.

At The Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we encourage our patients to take good care of their teeth on a daily basis. It is though, impossible to know if and when an accident may arise that causes sudden damage to our teeth. Sometimes this may just be relatively minor damage, but even so, should still be investigated promptly, as even a small crack in a tooth can allow bacteria to enter, potentially leading to decay or even root canal problems.

In today’s blog, we offer some simple advice about what you should do in the case of a dental emergency in Epsom.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may need urgent medical care. This would apply, for example, if you were unfortunate enough to have been in a car accident. Even if you feel OK, if there has been head trauma, always have this checked at the A&E department at the nearest hospital to rule out any serious injuries before you do anything else.

Your next step should be to contact us to see an emergency dentist at our Epsom practice. Remember, the quicker you call us, the sooner we are likely to be able to see you and we will always try to see you the same day if at all possible, especially if you are in pain.

When you call us, try to be clear, as far as you can, as to the nature of the problem. Our reception team will try to prioritise more urgent cases and also offer temporary care advice where appropriate.

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Straightening The ‘Social Six’ Front Teeth

Modern dental braces

Using the Six Month Smiles orthodontic system to create beautiful smiles in Epsom!

Dental braces are something that most people will want to avoid if they can. Whilst some are fortunate to have nice even teeth, even those people with crooked teeth sometimes decline treatment to have them straightened, preferring instead, to live with a crooked smile.

One of the reasons people give for not having their teeth straightened is that they do not wish to wear uncomfortable and very visible dental braces, possibly for quite a long period of time. This is understandable perhaps, but also unnecessary with some of the modern orthodontic braces now available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic.

The ‘Social Six’

Whilst braces can be worn for lengthy periods of time to correct misaligned teeth throughout the mouth, many people are only really concerned with how crooked front affect their smile. Where there are no additional functional concerns, it makes sense therefore, to focus efforts on straightening the teeth that are most visible. These are the six top and bottom teeth, sometimes referred to as the ‘social six’.

Although there are certainly benefits to straightening all of your teeth, it is possible, using the Six Month Smile cosmetic braces system, to straighten out the visible teeth in a much shorter period of time.

Six Month Smile

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Worried About Your Dental Visit?

How we help anxious Epsom patients manage dental anxiety.

If you feel anxious when your dental appointment is approaching, don’t worry, you are far from alone. Whilst some people may exhibit little anxiety, the fact is that relatively few people look forward to their dental visits, with some becoming extremely anxious indeed.

Whilst this in itself, is a deeply unpleasant feeling, taking the easy way out and cancelling your appointment is to simply store up problems for the future.

Regular dental care is necessary for a healthy mouth, and any minor procedure that you might need now can help to preserve the tooth, whilst also potentially avoiding the need for more extensive dental surgery later on.

Managing anxiety

Different people find different ways of managing their dental anxiety. This can be a process of trial and error but some suggestions include relaxation exercises, meditation, hypnosis and aromatherapy – these techniques can also be useful for other anxieties such as a fear of flying. Whilst such “therapies” can help to reduce anxiety to a level where most are able to keep their appointments at their local dentist, this unfortunately may not be the case for very anxious patients. In this circumstance, we offer additional aid here at our Epsom dental practice, to help them through their appointments and procedures.

The Wand

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Gum Disease Prevention – At Home And At Our Epsom Dental Clinic

dental check

Avoiding gum disease – start with the basics.

Amongst approximately seventy other different types of bacteria, gingival bacteria is ‘ever present’ in our mouths. On a day-to-day basis, these do us little harm, and regular brushing and flossing helps to keep them under control.

Problems arise however, when we neglect our daily home care. Whilst temporary poor brushing, such as during illness, may cause an increase in bacteria, this will generally not cause any problems once the regular routine is restored. Longer term neglect though, can cause very serious problems for our oral health!


Whilst early stage gum disease, known as gingivitis, can be unpleasant and may produce symptoms such as bleeding or sore gums, along with bad breath, this can generally be treated and reversed at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic. Problems really start to occur though, when we do not deal with gum problems at this stage and allow them to develop.

Once periodontitis, the later stage of gum disease, has taken hold, it is not only sore gums and bad breath that we need to be concerned about. The real danger here is that the infection will have reached below the gum line and is likely to affect the bone in which our teeth are held. As this comes under attack, the bone degrades and its grip on our teeth is lessened. This can lead to loose teeth and even tooth loss in some cases.

What can we do?

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Pros And Cons Of White Dental Fillings

new smiles with cosmetic dentistry

A closer look at this increasingly popular alternative to amalgam fillings.

Most of us will probably have had a filling at some point in our lives. In most cases, at least some of these will have been filled using the standard amalgam dental fillings that have been around for a very long time. Amalgam does provide an extremely strong material to fill a tooth, but, at the same time, it would be hard to find a filling material that was more obviously noticeable!

There is also the fact that mercury is one of the components of amalgam (along with other metals). Although its use has been deemed to be safe by the British Dental Association, some patients are still concerned about potential health implications and the general guidance for dentists is to reduce its use over a period of time.

Alternatives to amalgam

In the past, the ‘problem’ of replacing amalgam fillings with more natural looking, mercury free ones, has not been their lack of availability, but the lack of strength that they provided. Until recently, the use of cosmetic white fillings was deemed to be suitable only where relatively little force would be placed upon the tooth in question. But recent advances mean that The Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom can now offer our local patients a natural coloured dental filling which has been shown to be strong enough for all but  larger fillings. Our patients can now kiss goodbye to dark coloured amalgam fillings with confidence!

Pros of white fillings

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Single Tooth Implants – Don’t Leave A Gap!

Our Epsom dentist explains the benefits of dental implant placement.

Losing a tooth, especially if it a sudden loss such as in an accident, can be a traumatic event and leaves you assessing options to replace it. Whilst some people may choose not to replace a missing tooth at all, especially a hidden tooth, this is not advisable.

This is because the loss of just one tooth can have an impact upon our other teeth too; but treatment here at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom ensures that patients can overcome this problem and lower the risk of any “knock on” effects.


If the lost tooth is visible at the front of the mouth, very few people will opt to leave the gap. Instead, they will look to the various ways in which this could be replaced. Whilst a denture may provide a reasonably aesthetic solution, few people want the risk of a visible front tooth becoming loose and wobbling around during a conversation. Bridges offer a more secure solution, but also require work to be done on the teeth adjacent to the gap. However, a dental implant is firm, secure an natural looking and hence why many people consider it to be the best option to replace a missing tooth.

Rear and hidden teeth

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