All-On-4 Same Day Dental Implants - "Fast & Fixed"

New teeth in a day Epsom, Surrey

At Clocktower Dental we are proud to perform a revolutionary new procedure for providing a new set of fixed teeth in a single day - "Fast & Fixed". This is an excellent, modern alternative to ill-fitting dentures.

Our "Fast & Fixed" process uses dental implants to secure a full set of new teeth on a fixed bridge.

The implants are placed in such a way that the bridge can be successfully secured even where the natural structures of the jaw have been eroded after years of wearing dentures.

So even where a bone graft may have been needed to place traditional implants and crowns, we can usually avoid this and proceed with "Fast & Fixed" to provide you with a fully functional set of new teeth quickly and efficiently!

Fast and fixed

How is the procedure carried out?

Following the initial examination, our highly qualified implant dentist will determine if you are suitable for dental implants, a core component of the overall process. In comparison with traditional implants, "Fast & Fixed" is less invasive and can still be used even after years of wearing traditional dentures with associated jaw erosion.

Prior to the surgery, we will work with you to fully explain the procedure and give you a clear idea of how your new teeth will look and function.

If you are suitable, on the day of surgery, your dentist will place 4 or 6 dental implants and after a couple of hours, the new teeth will be fitted over the top. New teeth in a single day!

All on 4 procedure

Will the Fast & Fixed process work for me?

Dental implantology, a core part of the process, is now part of main stream dentistry with success rates > 97%. If looked after correctly, implants can last many years and offer a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing alternative to dentures and missing teeth. So if you are suitable for the process, the chances are that you will benefit from "Fast & Fixed" teeth in a day for many years to come.

Please contact our experienced and friendly team for more advice and to arrange a consultation.

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