Family Dental Care

Good oral health for all generations in Epsom.

We are sometimes asked which is the most important time of our lives to look after our teeth. The answer to that is quite simple; all ages. Whether very young or very old, good oral health is essential although specific issues may arise at different stages of our lives.

At The Clock Tower Dental Clinic your local dentist in Epsom, we see patients of all ages, including different generations of the same family. We take pride in our ability to provide healthy and attractive teeth for all ages at our Surrey dental practice.


Let us start with the youngest age of all. Although dental problems in babies are very rare, it is now widely believed that a child should first be taken to the dentist at around one year old. Although treatment is unlikely, these early visits allows them to become accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice and, it is thought, that this early exposure helps to prevent dental anxiety in later life.

Young children

Young children should definitely be seen by a dentist. There are few children who don’t enjoy eating large quantities of sugar, sometimes without the parent even being fully aware. Our dentists are very patient with young children and can help them to understand how sugar can damage their teeth, and also teach them the best way to brush their teeth effectively. Any sign of dental decay can be treated early on without the need for a potentially more frightening experience for the child later if the problem is neglected.


The teenage years are when a lot of dental damage occurs. Sugary foods and drinks are often consumed in large quantities, and, although it is decreasing, many teenagers also take up smoking during teen years. This is very bad for oral health, general health and can also increase the risk of oral cancers. Although teenagers do tend to have a mind of their own, we do urge parents to encourage them in any way that they can, to visit our convenient Epsom High Street practice.


Unfortunately, some adults diets may be little better than a teenagers and regular professional dental care is essential to treat any problems such as decay or gum disease in the early stages. It is during the adult years when many of Clock Tower Dentals’ patients take advantage of the many cosmetic dental treatments that we have on offer. Fast acting teeth whitening procedures or straighter teeth through modern orthodontics such as the ‘Clear Aligner’, can transform a dull crooked smile into a white and attractive one.

Older patients

Even if we are less concerned about our appearance in our later years (which is not necessarily the case of course), good oral health is still important. Gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss, is more common in this age group, partially due to reduced saliva flow which would otherwise flush away much of the ‘bad’ bacteria which exists in our mouths. Tooth loss is more common at this age too and this can have consequences for the patient’s ability to eat well. The dental implants that our Epsom dentists offer are an ideal solution to this problem and can provide strong and secure replacement teeth for many years.

Whatever your age, regular dental checks, and treatment where needed, are essential to good oral health. To make sure that you have a healthy mouth, please contact the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom, Surrey on 01372 720136.