Bone grafting and augmentation

When a tooth is removed or is missing, the jawbone will be diminished in size compared to the areas which are supporting teeth. Often there is enough bone to place dental implants, especially if placed on the same day as the tooth was removed or fairly shortly afterwards.

It is often necessary to augment or graft the bone in order to create a better foundation for dental implants to function for many years. Wherever possible we try to use local procedures to generate more bone. PRGF plus locally-harvested bone is often more than enough to achieve the desired result gently and quickly.

Occasionally, it is necessary to collect some bone from another part of the mouth or even the hip and attach this into place to allow bone to grow to a large enough size for implant placement. These methods work very well when required but they are now only rarely necessary due to the implementation of more modern techniques and the use of smaller implants.


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