Types of implant, crowns and bridges

Type of Dental Implant

There are a huge number of dental implant makes and types available. It is very important to use a system made from commercially pure titanium and with lots of research data from a recognised manufacturer. All the original research from over fifty years ago was carried out using pure titanium implants. This is the kind of product that hopefully will only be needed once so using the best available will give the best service and, ultimately, the best value. A cheaper implant system, often made using an alloy of Vanadium, Aluminium and Titanium and a copy design from one of the best brands, may perform as well either initially or over the long term.

The quality of the manufacturing and minute surface detailing of the implants is very important, as is the need for the company to hold stock of any spare parts over the years which may be required. The back catalogue of a reputable implant company can run to many pages as it recognises that lots of different restorative solutions can be needed for every different clinical situation.

Types of crown and bridge on top of the implants

Dental implants can be used to support individual crowns for single teeth, bridges replacing a few teeth, ball-and-socket joints to stabilise dentures, and full mouth reconstructions where all the teeth have been lost.

Traditionally, crowns or bridges on dental implants were made from porcelain bonded to an alloy of metals including gold. Whilst this is still a very good way of making new teeth, there are now other materials which perform as well or better than the originals.

Zirconia is a very strong and metal-free material to make crowns and bridges from and modern acrylics can give a superb result.

The dental implant team who are providing your new teeth should be able to offer all types of restoration and to advise you on which option is the most appropriate for your case. The variables to be considered include budget, appearance, strength, and long term performance so that you can decide what is right for you.

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