PRGF Endoret used in facial aesthetics

Clocktower Dental are pleased to announce a revolutionary new facial aesthetics procedure using the remarkable technology, PRGF Endoret.

Already used to great effect in the dental implant side of our practice, PRGF Endoret is 'Plasma Rich In Growth Factors' which can be used to help reverse the signs of ageing.

PRGF Endoret used in facial aesthetics

How does it work?

From your own blood, we are able to safely isolate the plasma containing proteins which speed up tissue regeneration and help the body's natural repair mechanisms. A small amount of your own blood is centrifuged to allow us to collect the constituents that we then use to help stimulate the anti-ageing process.

Small amounts of the centrifuged plasma are then applied to the facial areas which are in need of regeneration. In almost all cases, the treatment produces a noticeable improvement together with quicker recovery times.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes - PRGF Endoret is the only technology which holds the European CE and American FDA approvals for a variety of medical uses such as facial rejuvenation. It has been widely acclaimed in a number of international articles.

The benefits

Hyaluronic Acid Production - PRGF Endoret stimulates the production of natural hyaluronic acid, pro-collagen and elastin improving firmness and reducing sagging.

Skin Hydration and Luminosity - PRGF Endoret increases facial hydration and overall luminosity.

Wrinkle Reduction - the ability to inject deeper results in an enhanced filler effect to help reduce facial wrinkles.

Compatibility - PRGF Endoret is compatible with other anti-ageing treatments and has no known contra-indications or allergies.

How long before I see the effects?

The plasma is applied in a number of micro-injections and the effects usually become noticeable after 24 hours and then increasingly so after further sessions. Three sessions are recommended in the first three months with further maintenance sessions depending on individual skin type and age.

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