Range of Monthly Payment Plans for and Treatment Fees for Dental Treatment

Clocktower Dental Clinic Membership

The monthly membership dental plan delivers two substantial benefits;

1. Studies show that people on preventative dental plans achieve better oral health.

2. Your dental treatment is discounted significantly.

The number of our patients who are members of the plan increases every week and we anticipate that the vast majority will eventually be treated this way. We would like to repay the commitment you have made to us as a patient by inviting you to become a member of Clocktower Dental Clinic. Becoming a member of the practice gives you peace of mind that you will receive the highest level of service, help when you need it and access to a range of exclusive members-only offers.

As a member you will join a specific plan to meet your individual needs and all routine examinations and visits to the hygienists are covered by one simple monthly direct debit payment.

Facial Aesthetics

As a member you will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive dental health assessment
  • Preventative care for long term dental health
  • Hygiene therapy tailored to your needs
  • Treatment planning for your future needs


  • Oral cancer screening
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Worldwide dental accident & emergency cover
  • Supplementary insurance

Only members will be entitled to the special offers which we regularly run. These are always updated on our website latest news page or you can call to ask our friendly reception staff who are always happy to help. We offer all plan members 50% off home whitening when they join the plan.

Range of Dental Plans

Gold Membership Adult Preventative

£21.97 per month
  • Two examinations per year
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Two hygiene appointments per year
  • Gum therapy monitoring
  • X-rays as clinically necessary
  • 10% off all treatments (*not including dental implants)
  • Out of hours assistance
  • UK and Worldwide dental emergency cover

Platinum Membership – Adult Periodontal

£30.67 per month
  • Two examinations per year
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Four hygiene appointments per year
  • Gum therapy monitoring
  • X-rays as clinically necessary
  • 10% off all treatments (*not including dental implants)
  • Out of hours assistance
  • UK and Worldwide dental emergency cover

Children’s Plan (0-16 years)

£6.15 per month
  • Two examinations and consultations per year
  • One hygiene appointment per year if required
  • X-rays as clinically necessary
  • 10% off all treatments
  • Out of hours assistance
  • UK and Worldwide dental emergency cover

Our Children’s Membership Plan is based on regular check-ups and hygiene visits to help prevent and treat decay before it causes toothache and future problems.

Children’s Plan

How do I join?

Joining the plan is very easy, simply telephone or visit the practice and we can set up a direct debit payment for you. There is a small fee to join the plan and your membership will be effective after 3 months of signing up to The Clocktower Payment Plan.

What if I have an emergency?

If you have an emergency such as a dental accident or toothache, please ring one of the following emergency numbers: Away from home in the UK: 01206 788816 Overseas: (+44) 1206 78 8816 The dental helpline will endeavour to find an English speaking dentist in your locality to assist you.

The Small Print

Membership has a minimum initial term of 12 months. If you cancel within this time, we will invoice you for the full cost of tooth whitening (if applicable) and any appointments taken but not fully paid for. Three months notice is required to cancel thereafter. Cancellation of your Direct Debit will automatically cancel your membership.

Supplementary Insurance Policy

Supplementary Insurance provides cover for costs incurred for temporary dental treatment as a result of a dental emergency when away from home or abroad, and cover towards the cost of permanent dental treatment following a dental injury. It also provides for the payment of out-of-hours fees when dentists are required to open their dental surgery to treat you in an emergency.

For More details please see our Supplementary Insurance Page


The prices given below offer a guideline. After consultation an accurate price is provided for each case and will be discussed prior to commencement of treatment. The final price will depend on the individual complexity of each case.

  • Routine examination / Child examination - £79.50
  • New patient consultation - £89.70
  • Diagnosis & Assessment - £84.70
  • New patient Holistic consultation (1 hour) - £189.90
    (In depth discussion regarding health, lifestyle, diet, supplements, and other risk factors)
  • Holistic consultation - existing patient (1 hour) - £89.90
  • Hygiene visit (30 minutes) - £80
  • Hygiene visit (45 minutes) - £120
  • Hygiene visit (1 hour) - £160
  • Each x-ray - £18.70
  • OPG (Full mouth Radiograph) - £74.70
  • Local anaesthetic usage with hygienist £31.75

White composite fillings:

    • From £109.70 - £397
    • Amalgam removal under protocol from £297


  • Zoom in surgery and at home - £697
  • Zoom at home - £447

Crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers:

  • Ceramic inlay/onlay - £947
  • Ceramic crown - £947
  • Veneers – from £857
  • Re-cement crown/ bridge / veneer - £197
  • Re-cement or modify implant crown/bridge – from £497
  • Root canal treatment – from £847

Beauty / Cosmetic:

  • Botox - £250 (1 area)
  • PRGF - £495
  • Invisalign – from £3250

Dental implants:

  • Consultation £150 (free if you proceed with treatment)
  • From £2,672 (£1425 placement, £1247 abutment and crown)
  • Extractions – from £147

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