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Dear Andrew

A little note just to say thank you for all of your care, attention and professional skill over the last year or so.

I will not say I enjoyed it! But the end result is really great.

Thanks to you I have overcome my Dental Phobia and I now approach all of life with much more confidence knowing my mouth does not embarrass me.

Graeme A

Dear Deepi

I just had to write to thanks you for the PRGF facial treatment.

This is the third time I have had this treatment and, once again, I was not disappointed with the results.  You wanted to know if there were any residual marks/bruising the day after the treatment.  The marks that came up the next day, and slight bruising the day after, were so superficial they were nothing my foundation would not cover, and disappeared a day or so later.

As with previous treatments the results were great, softening wrinkles without paralysing my face!  The effect is so subtle as to give the effect of a healthy and relaxed glow - hence the "have you been on holiday" remarks no doubt!  

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Dhami and nurse Jo for treating Roscoe last Tuesday. It was Roscoe's first dental procedure that involved a tooth extraction. Dr Dhami was very gentle with him and both him and nurse Jo were very patient with him despite of his fear of pain. They stopped a few times to reassure Roscoe that he shouldn't feel any pain. They really took their time and reassured him throughout the whole treatment. I was most worried for Roscoe with the local anaesthetic injection but Roscoe didn't feel anything. Thank you for taking the time to administer it very slowly.

I am very grateful that the treatment was very successful and Dr Dhami and nurse Jo made it a very pleasant experience for Roscoe.

Thank you so much! We will see you in six months time.

N Lau

Thank you Andrew for my great new implants... whole procedure from honest consultation, too almost pain free treatment was very professional and I was made to feel comfortable at all appointments.

Your dental assistants are lovely and Charlotte has such great customer service skills. I would recommend Clocktower Dental Clinic, Epsom to everyone.

Thank you Deepi so much for my PRGF ‘Facial Rejuvenation’ treatment. After reading articles about skin treatment and watching a t.v. programme researching skin treatment, PRGF is the one that consistently comes out top. Consequently I was keen to ‘give it a go’ and I wasn’t disappointed! However the proof of the treatment was in the reactions I got from other people.

Just some of the comments have been ‘have you changed your hair colour?’ ‘what foundation are you using?’ ‘have you been on holiday?’ and more on the same lines. The answer to all this is nothing has changed and I haven’t been on holiday, I had PRGF treatment! Although I felt the treatment had been a success, I think these comments confirm it - you have a convert…..and a special mention must go to Charlotte for the most painless taking of blood that I’ve ever had done – you’re a natural (vampire?!!)

I initially made an appointment with Andrew at Clocktower to have an NTI mouth guard fitted because I have always clenched my jaws either when I'm stressed or tired and always when I sleep. I was at a very low point suffering with daily headaches and many migraines because of the tension in my neck, head and jaw.

After only a couple weeks of nightly use, the headaches disappeared and after a couple months of use I realised that my jaws had been educated enough not to wear the NTI shield at all. Whilst clenching my jaws at night my tongue would be squashed between my teeth, pushing my front teeth forward which made one cross over the other. I was very conscious of this and used to hide them when smiling.

Andrew referred me to Deepi who recommended the Clear Aligner brace which I could have fitted now I had stopped the clenching. I am so glad I decided to have this treatment. It was painless and the results were so quick. Looking at photos before and after, I can't believe the difference! I have been complimented on my teeth many times since the treatment and I don’t hesitate to show them off now! I cannot recommend Clear Aligner or Clocktower enough. I can't remember the last time I had a headache and the best thing is I can smile about it! Thank you.

Just to say a big “thank you” to you all for your kindness and assistance yesterday with Rebecca. The team at the Clocktower is the best it has ever been. Hopefully her experience yesterday will ease some of her phobia of needles and going to the Dentist. Please pass on our personal thanks to Mr. Dhami, he was brilliant. I have also emailed Dr. Omar to thank him.

I recently had two cerec onlays to replace heavily filled back teeth and I am delighted with the results. It's like having the original teeth back again after ? number of years!

JMM, March 2013

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the excellent treatment I received this morning. Also especially to Dr Dhami for making my bottom teeth look great. To be honest, I cannot stop looking at them. Are these really my teeth? Thank you very much Dr Dhami.

Clocktower Dental excel at what they do in every area. The staff are friendly, polite and professional. Dr Andrew Murphy is an excellent dentist. I had lived for a number of years with an uncomfortable ill-fitting denture which was loose and which needed copious amounts of denture fixative to keep in place. I thought that this was how it would always be.

At the first appointment, Dr Murphy offered a number of solutions and gave me detailed estimates for the various options. Most importantly, he did exactly what he said he could do. My ill-fitting old denture has been replaced with mini implants that feel as good (or probably better) than my own teeth ever did. I can now eat food that I would previously have had to avoid, and have a really natural smile which I am delighted with.

The work was expensive but then any cosmetic surgery always is. What is beyond price is the personal confidence that having my teeth fixed has given me. It was absolutely the right decision for me and I would strongly recommend anyone contemplating this kind of work to take this into consideration. Many thanks to Andrew and his team


Going to Andrew Murphy for my dental implants was the best decision I have ever made regarding my teeth. For years I had suffered from a very poor overbite which had caused my problems chewing since I was a young boy.

 After losing a number of teeth, firstly from a surfing accident and then from decay, I was left with a top plate that just looked and felt terrible. I went to a dentist in Australia who recommended I have all of my top teeth out. Trouble is he gave me absolutely no plan as to where to go from there. He just gave me an immediate normal denture and sent me packing.

This just left me exasperated. I suffered months of pain and discomfort trying to get used to this denture that just was totally wrong for me. It would move and slide around in my mouth. It would fall out when I coughed. It was embarrassing and miserable. I tried denture cement which just stuck to the roof of my mouth and then I would choke on the glue. An absolutely hideous experience.

Before receiving this terrible denture I had told my Australian dentist that there was just no way I would be able to cope with a normal denture. I visited a specialist in Melbourne. He quoted me $60,000 for the denture. He told me there were all sort of risks with these large implants he was going to use and recommended I persevere with the normal denture. Of course I was shattered and left his surgery totally depressed.

It was at this time my wife and I had the idea to make a large change in our lives. We decided to go to France for a while. I had heard about a German clinic that might be able to help. After a few weeks in France we drove over to Munich and again I was left disappointed as he could only use the large implants and said the mini were only used for temporary work.

Whilst sitting in our hotel in Munich my wife started searching the internet for dentists. I had told her that I remembered from years ago that Guildford was quite a wealthy area and may have some good dentists.

My wife then found Clocktower Dental in Epsom UK. Their website looked very professional and I knew the UK had always had a high standard of treatment available all be it that these days it is hard and expensive to get. Not the generous system it used to be.

However, Clocktower Dental exceeded my wildest expectations. Dr Andrew Murphy did the most amazing job for a very reasonable price. The procedure was a little tiring but virtually painless. The denture I now have is nothing short of a miracle. Not only is it comfortable to the point where I totally forget it’s there - I can now chew better than I have ever in my life and that’s with only have about eight teeth left on the bottom. The denture just snaps in and out easily for cleaning and the rubber o rings act almost like suspension cushioning ones gums when biting something hard.

Andrew put in mini implants which rely on their length rather than width for support. This meant the healing process was much quicker. The denture literally doesn’t move a millimetre. I can taste food again because there is no top plate to obscure the flavours and catch crumbs and now I can just about eat anything I wish.

I can definitely recommend Andrew Murphy, his helpful and pleasant staff and his fantastic clinic to anyone.

He ended nearly a year of misery for me and I will be forever grateful to him and his team. Great work.

Kindest Regards

After looking for a dentist to carefully remove two amalgam/mercury fillings (due to suspected mercury sensitivity), I chose to visit Deepi at the Clock Tower and am so glad to have done so. Deepi and the lovely nurse, Jo, took every care to protect me from the mercury and vapour.

A high filtration air system was placed immediately beside my face, my hair was covered with a cap, a full length gown was placed over me and paper towels soaked with ozonated water were placed over my face. The face covering was optional, as some people don’t like to have their face covered, but I wanted as much protection as possible! A rubber dam was used to cover the inside of my mouth, only exposing the teeth to be worked upon. Furthermore, Deepi had ordered a special device to place around the tooth and isolate it further. High powered suction and cold, ozonated water was also used. I was given homeopathy before and after the removal plus a special mouthwash, post-mercury removal.

Importantly, the procedure was not rushed and every care was taken to do the job properly. As my face was covered, I would not have had a clue as to what was happening, but for Deepi and Jo constantly checking that I was ok beneath all the coverings! I was even given some lavender essential oil on a tissue, to smell and help me to relax for the procedure, which was a lovely touch.

Everyone at the Clock Tower is so kind and caring: Rav who did my crown and inlay/onlay, Joan the hygienist and Emily the receptionist. My thanks to everyone there – can’t recommend you highly enough!

SS, Esher

I came to the Clocktower practice to have the clear aligner brace. At first I was sceptical at how this would change my teeth within 6 months, but it did! I am very pleased with the care I received from all the staff and extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend the practice and the brace to anyone thinking about it.

Thank you Mrs Murphy


I visited The Clock Tower Dental Clinic and Implant Centre with apprehension and in fear. I had been in two different practices before and wasn't clear at all how to proceed with old implants de-rooted, several wobbly teeth, bleeding gum and a smile I covered behind my hands.

My husband had suggested to go to the clinic. He has been with Andrew for over 20 years. He said: He is good you can trust him and he has the most amazing technical equipment

When Andrew discusses with you the possibilities available for you he never pushes you in one direction but expresses a very well balanced expertise from where you can make your own decision. I decided not to try and hang on to my damaged teeth in the affected areas and went for complete bridges in both jaws.

I was fearful to loose all my teeth and needed some support to go through it. Andrew discusses with you how to calm you down before treatment. It is amazing what teeth can mean to many people and loosing them can be an emotional roller coaster. I was on such one roller coaster. But pragmatically I knew it only can get better. For far too long had I ignored the bleeding gum, the wobbly teeth, the cramped smiles and refusing food I couldn’t chew anymore.

All this is gone. I feel newborn. I can smile without being on guard and I can eat what I want. But what is equally important for me personally is Andrew’s ability to listen to your concerns. Your shape of your lips can be a stranger to you when one tenth of a millimetre on each side of the bridge too much can give you a different mouth expressions. He will correct it as you want it to.

The greatest compliment came from a friend of my daughter’s who asked her whether I had done a facelift. My daughter looked in disbelief and said: She only has new teeth. How better can life be?

And why didn’t I follow Andrew much earlier as my husband always suggested? Epsom was too far out for me, only to discover that it takes me under an hour from near London Bridge to go there. His practice is three minutes from the station. And the team around him is just lovely.

K K, London, January 2013

Having had an unstable mouth with problem teeth for many years, I had implants placed ten years ago (At CDP in Epsom). Since then I have had no trouble at all and the mouth is both comfortable and reliable and continues as such hopefully for many more years.


During 1996 sweeping changes took place at the Clocktower Dental Practice when Andrew Murphy and his team took over. My teeth have been taken care of by them since then.

This was my first introduction to the services of a hygienist. Joan regularly cleans and polishes my teeth. She is painstaking and thorough and gives helpful advice and I know that my teeth are in better condition because of what she does. Over the years Andrew has needed to treat my teeth in many ways. He has fitted bridges and an implanted tooth. He has given me root canal treatment, crowns, fillings and teeth whitening treatment. Sometimes I am given an option as to what might be done and I appreciate this. Andrew has a profound knowledge of dentistry and great expertise and I know that what treatment he suggests will be of long term benefit. He always has a dental nurse to assist him who is highly trained and professionally skillful.

I know I have a clean, well looked-after mouth. Doctors tell me so! All the staff work as a team and endeavour to work out what is in my best interests. All are friendly and see me as a person, not just another customer, and they make time to chat. I cannot speak more highly of this team of truly dedicated people. I consider I am very lucky to be able to come here.


As a client for the last 15 years I have no hesitation or reservations about recommending this practice. The latest HI-TEC equipment, coupled with the skills of the ‘team’ makes it a pleasure to visit the dentist. Excellent service and support staff ensure that your visit is a pleasant, painless experience.

E A C Bookham Surrey

On the occasions we are obliged to visit our dentist the majority arrive with at least circumspect trepidation. The ideas of the old tweezers and pinchers pervade our subconscious, no matter our level of bravado. However, no more!

Our dentist has discovered a "Magic wand" to remove the pain. This is a device which delivers a slow injection to the gums without the stab of the needle. There is no pain and the anaesthesia wears off after anything between one and three hours. There is no swelling of the face or bruised feeling commonly experienced after a normal injection.

Certainly there have been many advances in technology in recent years and I, for one, thoroughly recommend and welcome this one!


A Grateful Patient

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my implants.

The treatment right from the beginning was excellent and the outcome after the final fitting means they feel like my own teeth again, much better than dentures and I have no problem eating any food I like.

Once again thanks to Andrew I can now eat whatever I fancy without the fear that my teeth will fall out.

Sandra Vickers

30th July 2012

I can't thank Dr Murphy enough for the amazing transformation he has worked on my smile. being a nervous dental patient I was dreading having my dental implant done. However everyone at the practice was so reassuring and considerate and it was a great success.

Keep up the good work. I hope all your patients feel as comfortable as I do when I visit you. The results were excellent. I’ve had so many positive comments about my beautiful new smile.

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