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Implants can be as secure as natural teeth; they are comfortable and strong. Importantly, they also allow you to eat your favourite foods with confidence. Implants provide an easy and effective way to replace missing teeth and to stabilise dentures.

A full implantology service is available from a single tooth to a full mouth reconstruction. Bone augmentation is provided on the premises, with very complex cases being treated in combination with maxillofacial surgeons at local hospitals. By using the PRGF technique, the need for bone grafting has been significantly reduced and we find ourselves able to place implants in even the most challenging situations.

We offer many implant systems to produce as natural-looking, reliable and successful an outcome as possible. Different types of implant are better for different clinical situations.

For many people, an implant is the most cost-effective long-term solution. Implants can be used to replace single teeth in their entirety, to support bridgework or to stabilise dentures. Please read on to see how our experienced team can help you.



In the world of implant dentistry today, many practitioners have relatively limited experience, often placing implants after just a short period of additional study.

Andrew Murphy, our principal dentist and owner, has over 20 years of experience and has placed many hundreds of implants successfully with a very high success rate; including complex cases.

Please contact the practice today using the form below or telephone 01372 720136 to see how Andrew can help you too.

Key benefits of dental implants:

  • Looks just like a natural tooth
  • Strong and permanent
  • Eat any food you like
  • Replace single or multiple teeth
  • Simple maintenance


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