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All aspects of general dentistry are provided. The list is very large and includes, as examples, children’s dentistry which is mainly preventative, minimal preparation veneers, composite resin bonding, crowns, onlays, inlays, bridges, tooth-coloured fillings, gum therapy, bite adjustment and root canal treatment.

Magnification and Intraoral camera

Without magnification it is very difficult to provide accurate diagnosis and the fine detail in restorative treatment that successful modern dentistry requires. The clinicians at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic use intraoral cameras to demonstrate to patients the situations encountered in every case. It is using such diagnostic techniques that allows patient and dentist to work together to solve problems and achieve correct solutions.

Magnifying loupes such as those worn by other surgeons are routinely used to aid diagnosis and treatment , especially with root canal treatment and other such intricate work. Fibreoptic illumination also helps in these situations.

Cross infection/Sterilisation

This area of dental practice is always being upgraded by the department of health. The Clock Tower Dental Clinic follows closely the contemporary rules and abides by the "Best Practice" guidelines of the BDA. The best equipment available is always used in this important area.

Emergency Treatment

During office hours the clinic policy is to see patients with dental emergencies on the same day, wherever possible. After hours, there is a mobile telephone number audible on the practice answerphone to allow access to a dentist when the clinic is closed.


Please see our practice page for details of the fees associated with the treatments we offer.

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