'TherOzone' - Ozonated Water and 'FlexVac' System

Epsom dentist using revolutionary 'TherOzone' systems for high purity dental water


At Clocktower Dental we invest heavily in the ongoing training of our staff, practice infrastructure and equipment that we use. This ensures that we always present you with the very best dental treatment available.

A further demonstration of our ongoing commitment to our patients is our investment in a state-of-the-art system for producing extremely high purity dental water - 'TherOzone'.

Ozonated water kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact. The TherOzone machine safely produces ozonated water and is a valuable asset to Clocktower Dental Clinic. Ozone is useful as a disinfectant for killing bacteria, viruses and mold spores and rendering harmless contaminates that are on instrument and device surfaces.

The TherOzone machine safely produces ozonated water by quickly and safely dissolving ozone gas into ordinary distilled water. After several minutes, the ozonating cycle ends and the aqueous ozone solution is ready to use.

This solution avoids the use of harsh chemicals used in dentistry (bleach) and is the safest way to enhance results of root canal, tooth whitening and cavity decontamination prior to placing new restorations. It is also a very effective way to clean deep pockets during periodontal (gum) treatments.

The advantages of using ozone for disinfection in medicine and dentistry are well established. Ozone decontamination is very common in hospital settings in the USA, and it is used routinely in the food and health sectors as a disinfectant for edible products and working surfaces.

We will be very happy to explain the process to you during your regular dental visits.

For more information please visit the TherOzone Website (opens in a new window)


The DentalHg FlexVac System

At Clocktower Dental Centre we are proud of our reputation for providing the best, state-of-the-art equipment to enhance our patient’s experience with us and our investment in the latest DentalHg FlexVac system is a further demonstration of this.

This system, developed by indoor air purity specialists, Air Science Limited, is designed to remove any harmful pollutants that might be generated during the amalgam removal process, so reducing the likelihood of any inhalation. The equipment is placed unobtrusively but very close to the patient’s face and captures any harmful air contamination at source.

Clocktower Dental is one of the few practices in the UK equipped with this high-integrity equipment which comes from the same family of air-filtration devices used by health authorities world-wide to help tackle highly contagious contaminants such as the SARS virus.

Our equipment is so efficient because of two primary factors – firstly it uses a three-stage, HEPA filter system which is tested in accordance with World Standard EN1822. Secondly, it employs a finely- engineered fan and containment system to ensure that no gases or contaminants are passed back into the atmosphere.

Unlike some of the lower specification air filtration systems, the FlexVac system in use at Clocktower Dental is individually tested and certified to the highest levels of performance.

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Flex Vac

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