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Helping Older Dental Patients In Epsom

Age need not be a significant barrier to maintaining a healthy mouth Barring accidents, and providing that they are looked after well, there is no doubt that younger teeth have an advantage over older ones. If nothing else, they tend

Are You A Nervous Dental Patient?

If you are, you are not alone. Our Epsom dental team offers helpful advice Ask most people what their biggest phobia is and going to see a dentist will be right up there, along with spiders and flying, for a

The Impact Of Asthma On Oral Health

Our Epsom team addresses dental issues around this common medical problem Asthma is perhaps one of the more common medical issues in the UK, both in children and in adults. With pollution problems still significant and the additional stress that

Healthy Teeth And Gums During Second Lockdown

Your Epsom dentist offers useful tips and information So, here we are again; it has for a while felt like there was an inevitability about the UK going into a second lockdown and it has finally arrived. There are differences

Will Dental Practices ‘Escape’ Another Lockdown?

Our Epsom dental team look at the likelihood of further dentist closures Although most dental practices in the UK are doing their best to catch up with lost appointments from the previous lockdown, the number of new Covid-19 cases is

Obesity And Its Impact On Our Oral Health

How excess weight gain can be harmful to teeth and gums Obesity has long been recognised as a significant health issue. Although currently in the news because of its negative effect on Covid-19 recovery rates, it has long been known

Going To ‘Uni’ Next Term? Make Sure To Look After Your Teeth!

University can be a life determining experience but don’t neglect your teeth There are many good reasons for going to university. The most obvious of these is to further your education, and for many of you, to gain the qualifications

Your Dental Care In The Immediate Future

Some of the changes you might see when dentists open again Like other dental practices around the UK, the team members at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic have been waiting for news on when they might be able to open

You Are Never Too Old To Improve Your Oral Health Habits

Oral healthcare in our senior years The older we get, the harder it can feel when it comes to making big changes in our lives. For some, this may be about insecurity in doing so, whilst for others it may

Maintaining Oral Health During ‘Lockdown’ Restrictions

Helping our Epsom patients maintain good oral health care at this challenging time It has been nearly three weeks now and there is every indication that we will be instructed to maintain this ‘lockdown’ period for even longer before restrictions