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Planning To Go Abroad For Your Dental Implants?

Your Epsom dental team recommends considering the potential implications! It’s coming up to that time of the year when, once Christmas is over, many of us will start to look at ways that we can improve our lives in the

Is A Daily Coffee Habit Ruining Your Teeth?

Will the rise of the coffee shop contribute to a decline in our oral health? Coffee was first introduced to England in 1637 by a Turkish student at Oxford University who then founded a coffee club. In more recent times

Dental Veneers, Then And Now

Veneers were invented in the late 1920s. Clock Tower Dental in Epsom looks at how they’ve developed. Dental veneers are commonly used for replacing damaged or discoloured surface enamel on the teeth, especially where staining and discolouration is too significant

Receding Gums

What Causes It And How To Prevent It Hopefully, after reading our various blog posts about gum disease and checking in with our hygienist, most of our Epsom patients are aware of the need to pay attention to gum health,

Caring For Baby Teeth

Family dental health

Early years care – critical for the development of healthy teeth. In a recent blog, we looked at what you, as parents, can do to help your young children have healthy teeth when they start back to school. It is

Who Benefits From Using An Electric Toothbrush?

Toddler with toothbrush

Is it time to throw away your old manual brush? Brushing our teeth is one of the most fundamental things that we can do in order to keep our teeth and gums healthy. How and when we do this can

Empathy – A Valuable Dental Quality

Kind dentist

Dentist:Patient understanding – the route to essential oral care in Epsom. ‘Empathy’ is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of others’. Some might argue that this is less common in the

Back To School Oral Care Tips

healthy family

Your Epsom dentists offer some timely advice for local parents. It might only seem like five minutes ago that the children broke up for the summer holidays. Or perhaps for some, it might seem like forever, with the constant chaos

Reducing The Number Of Younger Smokers

Dr Deepi Murphy dentist at Clocktower Dental in Epsom

Would increasing the age limit for buying cigarettes to 21 improve the nation’s oral health? A campaign group called Action On Smoking And Health (also known as ASH) ( has called for the age limit for purchasing cigarettes to be

Prosthodontics – Replacing Missing Teeth At Your Local Epsom Dentist

Implant bridge

From dentures to dental implants, there are several ways to replace missing teeth. With good care, regular brushing and flossing, and perhaps a little luck, many of us will hopefully reach our later years having lost few, if any, of