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Back To School Oral Care Tips

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Your Epsom dentists offer some timely advice for local parents. It might only seem like five minutes ago that the children broke up for the summer holidays. Or perhaps for some, it might seem like forever, with the constant chaos

Reducing The Number Of Younger Smokers

Dr Deepi Murphy dentist at Clocktower Dental in Epsom

Would increasing the age limit for buying cigarettes to 21 improve the nation’s oral health? A campaign group called Action On Smoking And Health (also known as ASH) ( has called for the age limit for purchasing cigarettes to be

Prosthodontics – Replacing Missing Teeth At Your Local Epsom Dentist

Implant bridge

From dentures to dental implants, there are several ways to replace missing teeth. With good care, regular brushing and flossing, and perhaps a little luck, many of us will hopefully reach our later years having lost few, if any, of

INJEX – A Solution For Needle Phobic Patients


Techniques to help nervous dental patients in Epsom, Surrey. Dental phobia is very common. Recent research has shown that around 80% of Brits are scared of going to the dentist, with around a quarter having cancelled appointments for just this

Dental Restorations – What Are Our Patient’s Main Concerns?

Dentist Dr Ravdeep Dhami

Epsom dentist, Ravdeep Dhami, addresses patient’s questions about teeth restorations. The days seem long gone now when dental practices offered little else other than fillings, extractions and dentures. The options for restoring both damaged and missing teeth are now much

Don’t Use Your Teeth For This!

Dr Deepi Murphy dentist at Clocktower Dental in Epsom

A look at some of the bad, and potentially dangerous, habits that we sometimes use our teeth for. A study that was carried out as part of National Smile Month has highlighted the fact that some people in the UK

Looking After Your Teeth In Later Life

Older patients at the dentist

Taking care of your teeth as you age is just as important as in your youth. We all hope to grow old one day, however far away that may seem at the moment. Younger people especially, may find it hard

Does Your Dentist Offer Dental Implants?

Dr Andrew Murphy

Dr Andrew Murphy Asks, “Are you accessing the widest range of treatment options?” Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. Despite this, there are still a significant number of dentists who don’t offer this tooth replacement system at their own practice.

Nine Tips For Healthy Teeth At Easter

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How to keep a healthy smile intact, even with the odd Easter egg! Easter will soon be upon us, and, as anyone who has children will know, it is seen by some as an excuse to (over) indulge in the

Why Is Smoking So Harmful To Your Teeth?

Dentist Dr Ravdeep Dhami

Advice for Epsom smokers. It is no great secret that smoking is bad for you. Study after study has shown that smoking is a major contributor to lung diseases, heart attacks and strokes, to say nothing of our general ability