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A Smile Makeover For The New Year In Epsom?

2022 – the year that you stop regretting those unsightly stains and crooked teeth? With 2021 soon coming to a close, many of us will be starting our shopping for Christmas and the family celebrations that come with it. In

Helping Older Dental Patients In Epsom

Age need not be a significant barrier to maintaining a healthy mouth Barring accidents, and providing that they are looked after well, there is no doubt that younger teeth have an advantage over older ones. If nothing else, they tend

Are You A Nervous Dental Patient?

If you are, you are not alone. Our Epsom dental team offers helpful advice Ask most people what their biggest phobia is and going to see a dentist will be right up there, along with spiders and flying, for a

How ‘Stoptober’ Can Improve Your Oral Health

If you haven’t already stopped smoking, now might be the right time to do so We are now almost halfway through October. This is a month designated by the NHS as ‘stoptober’, a month when people are encouraged to quit

How To Look After Your Gums

And the possible consequences if you don’t…. For many people, the focus of their dental care is on the teeth; both to make sure that they are strong and healthy, and increasingly, to ensure that they look good too. This

Cosmetic Dentistry – Helping You Achieve A Younger Looking And Whiter Smile

Our Epsom dentists discuss the growing popularity of  teeth whitening There is a popular belief that dull or discoloured teeth are always caused by what we eat and drink. This is partially true, but the reality is that our teeth

The Importance Of General Dental Care For Our Epsom Patients

If you think that your teeth don’t really contribute to overall health, it’s probably time to reconsider…. It is fair to say that we all want to stay healthy and are thankful to avoid the serious diseases which we see

The Impact Of Asthma On Oral Health

Our Epsom team addresses dental issues around this common medical problem Asthma is perhaps one of the more common medical issues in the UK, both in children and in adults. With pollution problems still significant and the additional stress that

Healthy Teeth And Gums During Second Lockdown

Your Epsom dentist offers useful tips and information So, here we are again; it has for a while felt like there was an inevitability about the UK going into a second lockdown and it has finally arrived. There are differences

How Food Poverty Affects Our Oral Health

Both children and adults are likely to have poor teeth and gum health if healthy food supply is short The Marcus Rashford campaign has, once again, brought food poverty into the headlines. The papers will be covering the political aspects