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Types Of Dental Filling – Your Options In Epsom

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How to choose the filling type most suitable for you. It reasonable to suggest that few people actually enjoy having a tooth filled. Here at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom we completely understand this and we try to

Pros And Cons Of White Dental Fillings

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A closer look at this increasingly popular alternative to amalgam fillings. Most of us will probably have had a filling at some point in our lives. In most cases, at least some of these will have been filled using the

Mercury Free Dental Fillings

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The Clock Tower Dental Clinic – amalgam-free fillings for Surrey patients. If you follow dental news at all, you may have noticed that the European Parliament has decided that it will phase out amalgam in dentistry by 2030. For some

From Amalgam To A Tooth Coloured Filling

Safe removal of dark amalgam fillings at an Epsom dentist in Surrey Along with discoloured teeth, one of the things that can really detract from an otherwise nice smile is when a number of teeth have been filled with the

Natural Looking Dental Fillings

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Tooth coloured fillings as an alternative to amalgam at our Epsom dental practice. Perhaps unsurprisingly, dental fillings are one of the most common procedures that we carry out. Providing that dental decay is detected in its early stages, a small

Amalgam Removal At The Clock Tower Dental Clinic

Our Epsom dentist looks at replacing amalgam fillings with natural looking ones. Cosmetic dentists play a leading role in helping patients achieve a nicer smile. Whilst good oral home care is essential, some factors, such as crooked or ageing teeth,