From Amalgam To A Tooth Coloured Filling

Safe removal of dark amalgam fillings at an Epsom dentist in Surrey

Along with discoloured teeth, one of the things that can really detract from an otherwise nice smile is when a number of teeth have been filled with the dark coloured amalgam fillings which are commonly used. Whilst this type of filling certainly offers a high level of strength, it also comes at the price of being highly visible.

Increasingly, and largely because of this factor, patients of the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom are turning to the natural looking tooth coloured fillings that we offer as an alternative.

Amalgam removal

Use of tooth coloured fillings follows a similar pattern to regular fillings and no particularly special treatment is required to place them. Many of our patients have been so pleased with their new natural fillings that they have gone the extra step to have their current amalgam fillings removed and replaced with new, natural-looking cosmetic versions. At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we offer safe amalgam removal for patients from across Surrey, offering them the chance to swap a smile spoiled by dark fillings to one when they are virtually invisible. There are also some patients who prefer to avoid amalgam fillings because of the mercury component which is used within them.

To remove the amalgam, a local anaesthetic is given as it would be for a regular filling. Patients are also given the option of having a face covering to protect them from any particles of amalgam which become airborne during the procedure. Some people prefer these extra safety protocols which we have developed for our patients having amalgam removal in Epsom, Surrey.

The amalgam filled teeth which are to be treated are isolated from the other teeth using a rubber dam and other specialist equipment. Next, the amalgam is removed using a dental drill leaving a clean cavity which is finally filled using the natural looking cosmetic filling. This is then shaped and the bite checked so that the patient not only has nice looking, but comfortable fillings too.

We also offer the option of natural lavender essential oils which can help patients to relax during the procedure.

Post procedure care

Once the procedure is complete, your teeth will look much more natural, with the new fillings almost invisible to the naked eye. The natural coloured fillings harden very quickly and you will be given advice on how soon you can eat following the procedure.

If you are looking for amalgam filling removal and mercury free protocols, please call your local Epsom dentists on 01372 720136 and arrange an appointment.