Month: April 2018

Root Canal Treatment At Your Dentist In Epsom – 6 Steps

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A simple explanation of this often misunderstood treatment. Visitors to The Clock Tower Dental Clinic often tell us that the procedure that concerns them the most is the root canal procedure. This probably comes as no surprise to our readers

Going Vegan? Some Things To Consider About Your Teeth

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A vegan diet may be ‘healthy’, but can pose challenges for your oral health. Barely a day goes by without veganism appearing in the news. It is, without a doubt, a growing trend, especially amongst younger people. There are many

Can Toothpaste Prevent Erosion Of Your Teeth?

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Are enamel protecting toothpastes enough to prevent this increasing problem? You have probably noticed a growing trend for toothpastes that focus on one particular aspect of oral health care. These may include gum disease, teeth whitening and now enamel erosion.

Types Of Dental Filling – Your Options In Epsom

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How to choose the filling type most suitable for you. It reasonable to suggest that few people actually enjoy having a tooth filled. Here at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom we completely understand this and we try to