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Pain-Free Dentistry ‘The Magic Wand’

Everybody always tells me I have great teeth, and how great it must be working in a dental practice being able to have my teeth checked and treated regularly. The truth is we rarely have our teeth checked! So, I

A Straighter Smile in 6 Months

When I first heard about Six Month Smiles I will admit I was dubious. Rav came in telling us all about this course he had attended and about a revolutionary orthodontic system which aligns your teeth in only 6 months.

Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Clocktower Dental are pleased to announce a revolutionary new facial aesthetics procedure using the remarkable technology, PRGF Endoret. Already used to great effect in the dental implant side of our practice, PRGF Endoret is ‘Plasma Rich In Growth Hormone’ which

Dazzling Results with Zoom

One of the fastest and most cost effective routes to a whiter smile is using the popular ‘Zoom2’ tooth whitening process. As featured in the hit TV series ‘Extreme Makeover’, Zoom2 is one of the simplest and most scientifically advanced

PRGF – New Technology To Speed Recovery Following Implant Treatment

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors ‘PRGF’ technology is a revolutionary procedure used in all our implant cases in order to reduce the recovery time. We begin by taking a small sample of our patients blood. Charlotte is our qualified Phlebotomist