Natural Facial Rejuvenation


Clocktower Dental are pleased to announce a revolutionary new facial aesthetics procedure using the remarkable technology, PRGF Endoret. Already used to great effect in the dental implant side of our practice, PRGF Endoret is ‘Plasma Rich In Growth Hormone’ which can be used to help reverse the signs of ageing.

This amazing new treatment is 100% safe and natural as we centrifuge your own blood and use the protein rich plasma to stimulate the anti-aging process.

We have had fantastic results – come and see Deepi for  a complimentary consultation to see if this is the treatment for you.


Thank you Deepi so much for my PRGF ‘Facial Rejuvenation’ treatment. After reading articles about skin treatment and watching a t.v. programme researching skin treatment, PRGF is the one that consistently comes out top. Consequently I was keen to ‘give it a go’ and I wasn’t disappointed! However the proof of the treatment was in the reactions I got from other people.

Just some of the comments have been ‘have you changed your hair colour?’ ‘what foundation are you using?’ ‘have you been on holiday?’ and more on the same lines. The answer to all this is nothing has changed and I haven’t been on holiday, I had PRGF treatment! Although I felt the treatment had been a success, I think these comments confirm it – you have a convert…..and a special mention must go to Charlotte for the most painless taking of blood that I’ve ever had done – you’re a natural (vampire?!!)