Month: June 2018

Plaque – Causes and Management

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How to minimise the impact of plaque on your teeth and gums. It is widely understood that sugar is a problem for teeth, and will eventually lead to tooth decay, particularly if they are not properly cleaned. Although sugar does

Regular Or Electric Toothbrush?

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Our Epsom dentists discuss which is more efficient for cleaning your teeth. More and more people are switching to electric toothbrushes from standard ones. In today’s blog, we look at which, if any, are better for cleaning your teeth and

Late Night Oral Health Care

Brushing before you go to bed is essential for healthy teeth. Cleaning your teeth on a regular basis is the very foundation of healthy teeth and gums. Our Epsom hygienist also encourages the use of dental floss and providing that

Five Bad Habits To Avoid For Healthier Teeth

Dr Andrew Murphy

Everyday actions can damage our teeth without us realising. Many modern dental practices, including our own Clock Tower Dental Clinic, now have very advanced ways of restoring or replacing a damaged or missing tooth. Although these offer an excellent option

Visiting The Dentist During Pregnancy

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Keeping up regular dental appointments when expecting a child Although some people seem to sail through pregnancy, for others it can be a struggle and functioning on a daily basis is about as ambitious as it is possible to be.

Coping With A Dental Emergency Abroad

What to do if you have an unexpected dental problem on holiday. If we suffer from an accident such as a broken tooth, or if we wake up with toothache whilst we are at home, a quick call to The