Month: May 2015

Cupcakes – good for your teeth

Here we have found a really yummy recipe for sugar-free cupcakes! Chocolate Orange Cup Cakes Try this new take on the chocolate cup cake. By using the zest and juice of two oranges you can add to both the flavour

Discover Neem

Want to take a natural approach to looking after your teeth and gums? Discover Neem…. Neem is a tree, Neem leaves, fruit and oil (extracted from the seeds) are said to contain healing properties. Neem twigs have often been used

A Straighter Smile in 6 Months

When I first heard about Six Month Smiles I will admit I was dubious. Rav came in telling us all about this course he had attended and about a revolutionary orthodontic system which aligns your teeth in only 6 months.

Yoga – mind, body & … teeth?

Help to relieve TMJ symptoms with yoga. Orthodontics, teeth grinding, clenching, frequent chewing, infections and injuries can all cause pain in the jaw. More and more people are suffering due to the high stresses of work and modern day life.

Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Clocktower Dental are pleased to announce a revolutionary new facial aesthetics procedure using the remarkable technology, PRGF Endoret. Already used to great effect in the dental implant side of our practice, PRGF Endoret is ‘Plasma Rich In Growth Hormone’ which