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How Food Poverty Affects Our Oral Health

Both children and adults are likely to have poor teeth and gum health if healthy food supply is short The Marcus Rashford campaign has, once again, brought food poverty into the headlines. The papers will be covering the political aspects

Is A Daily Coffee Habit Ruining Your Teeth?

Will the rise of the coffee shop contribute to a decline in our oral health? Coffee was first introduced to England in 1637 by a Turkish student at Oxford University who then founded a coffee club. In more recent times

What Effect Will The Restrictions On Sales Of Sports Drinks Have?

Dr Deepi Murphy dentist at Clocktower Dental in Epsom

Dr Deepi Murphy, looks at what a ban on sales to children will mean for their teeth. According to news reports out today, the government is considering banning the sales of ‘sports drinks’ to children. There is some debate as

We Are What We Eat

Deepi Murphy attended a nutrition course last week with Dr Alex Richardson, senior research fellow, University of Oxford and founder director of (FAB ) food and behaviour research, and Jo Gamble a leading nutritional therapist and functional medic. It was

H&H – delicious cookies made using maple syrup as an alternative to sugar

Follow Hemsley and Hemsley for a great selection of delicious and nutrient-dense recipes. Their philosophy is ‘Eat well to feel better’ and they prove that delicious food can be healthy. We just love this recipe for cookies made with a

Cupcakes – good for your teeth

Here we have found a really yummy recipe for sugar-free cupcakes! Chocolate Orange Cup Cakes Try this new take on the chocolate cup cake. By using the zest and juice of two oranges you can add to both the flavour

Sweet Enough?

Want to give up sugar while still satisfying your sweet tooth? Here are some natural alternatives to keep the cravings at bay. 1. Honey. Studies have shown that when subjects were giving equal amounts of either sugar or honey, those who had

Get the Goop on Sugar

Goop is an online blog founded by Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s a great blog to follow for health advice for the mind, body and soul. This article explores how to overcome a sugar addiction. It goes on to explain the health

Have a Delicious Lifestyle

Here is a great Blog to follow for healthy recipes, fitness advice, beauty tips amongst other things. Love Your Life, Love Your Food, Love Your Self Here is a great article I have found for helping you to stay on

Coconut Oil – Healthy or Hype?

  We have always been warned about the dangers of saturated fats and encouraged to use more heart-healthy fats such as olive oil. Now, suddenly everybody is using coconut oil in various ways for the health and beauty benefits. While