We Are What We Eat


Deepi Murphy attended a nutrition course last week with Dr Alex Richardson, senior research fellow, University of Oxford and founder director of (FAB ) food and behaviour research, and Jo Gamble a leading nutritional therapist and functional medic. It was a pleasure to meet Jo (pictured above).

The research taken by Dr Richardson is fascinating and we can discuss the results of FAB organisation at your next visit for healthy teeth, body and wellbeing.

Sugar and Refined Carbs are associated with: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, ADHD, depression, dementia and other Mental Health Problems.

Sugary foods and drinks cause rapid swings in blood sugar (affecting mood, behaviour and cognition)

‘Slow release foods’ at breakfast help to keep blood sugar levels stable (minimizing fluctuations in mood, behaviour and cognition). Porridge is a great ‘slow release’ breakfast .

Sugar is addictive and there is scientific evidence that intermittent excessive sugar causes endogenous opioid dependence.

Does sugar make you stupid?

Dr Richardson discussed how water laced with high fructose corn syrup given to omega3 deficient rats over 6 weeks led to learning and memory problems !!!

Sugar is not just toxic to teeth!