Month: March 2018

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Toddler with toothbrush

Our Epsom dentist discusses some of the common mistakes we make. From a very young age, we are all taught to brush our teeth “well”. This usually means both morning and evening, giving them a vigorous brushing. Although this advice

Suffering From Yellow Smokers Teeth?

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Solutions in Epsom to restore stained teeth. Tooth discolouration can be caused by a number of factors. Some, such as that caused by regular tea drinking, can accumulate over a long period of time. One of the habits most likely

Hassle Free Teeth Straightening In Epsom

near invisible braces

Taking advantage of Clear Aligner braces at Clocktower Dental Clinic One common dental issue which cannot be resolved quickly is crooked teeth. Even fast acting orthodontics, designed to correct minor misalignment, can take a minimum of six weeks to achieve

Six Potential Warning Signs Of Oral Cancer

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These symptoms may be subtle, but should certainly never be ignored. Oral cancers are on the rise. Despite the reduction in the  number of people smoking, there are other factors, such as the HPV virus, which mean that this matter