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Treatment For An Incorrect Bite

Crooked teeth leading to poor smile aesthetics and potentially functional issues too Crooked teeth are not uncommon; indeed over the years, our Epsom cosmetic dentists have straightened many patient’s teeth to help them to have a more attractive smile. Many

Hassle Free Teeth Straightening In Epsom

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Taking advantage of Clear Aligner braces at Clocktower Dental Clinic One common dental issue which cannot be resolved quickly is crooked teeth. Even fast acting orthodontics, designed to correct minor misalignment, can take a minimum of six weeks to achieve

Clear Aligners – A Discreet Way To Straighten Your Teeth

near invisible braces

Straight teeth for Epsom patients, with near-invisible braces! Modern cosmetic orthodontics offer patients a much more convenient and discreet route to an even smile when compared to traditional braces; none more so than the ‘Clear Aligner’ system. Whilst most newer

Attractive And Healthier Teeth And Gums With Near Invisible Braces in Epsom

near invisible braces

The benefits of straighter teeth extend beyond appearance. A newspaper recently reported that Manchester United player, Marcus Rashford has chosen to use ‘invisible braces’ to correct the alignment of his teeth. Although, allegedly, he has been on the end of

Near Invisible Orthodontics in Epsom

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Straightening teeth without unsightly traditional dental braces. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a large number of people are thought to have avoided having dental braces in their teenage years, despite their teeth being uneven. The result of this is that many of us