Clear Aligners – A Discreet Way To Straighten Your Teeth

Straight teeth for Epsom patients, with near-invisible braces!

Modern cosmetic orthodontics offer patients a much more convenient and discreet route to an even smile when compared to traditional braces; none more so than the ‘Clear Aligner’ system. Whilst most newer generation dental braces use discreet materials, most still use a system of wires and brackets to reposition the teeth.

Though significantly less visible than the old “train track” versions, these can still be seen, and, in addition to this, dental hygiene can be difficult to maintain when wires and brackets get in the way as you clean and floss your teeth.

Invisible braces

The Clear Aligner system offers patients of the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom, a new and more convenient way to straighten teeth. Gone are the wires and brackets, and, instead, a series of clear plastic trays are used which fit directly over the teeth. These are made following impressions which our dentist will take, ensuring that they not only do their job effectively, but also offer the maximum level of comfort for the patient.

Whilst comfort is obviously a significant factor, the main appeal of this type of orthodontic is that they are very discreet and also convenient. As they are made from a clear medical grade plastic and sit directly over the teeth, they are virtually invisible to most observers.

In addition, Clear Aligners are specifically designed to be removed when you eat and also for brushing your teeth. This, naturally, means that you can continue your usual oral health regimen with no problem. The trays will also need to be kept clean so that they do not harbour harmful bacteria and you will be advised of the best cleaning method for them during the initial fitting.

Whilst you should remove the trays when eating and cleaning only, it may be appropriate to remove them, for example, if you have an interview if it helps you to feel more confident. Removing them too often though, may result in a longer period of time needed to straighten your teeth and this should be borne in mind.


Where appropriate, the Clear Aligner offers an excellent teeth straightening solution. There are a couple of minor potential drawbacks though, which are worth mentioning.

This method may not work as quickly as some orthodontics which do use wires and brackets. This is because less force is placed on the teeth with the Clear Aligner which adds to the comfort factor. For many people, this is a price that is well worth paying for the discreet appearance and comfort factor. Naturally, the time taken to straighten your teeth will vary from patient to patient and we will give you an estimate of this during your consultation.

Speech may also be affected a little when the aligners are first fitted too. This is temporary though and most patients quickly adapt to them.

If you are unhappy with your uneven teeth and would like to discuss having them straightened by one of our experienced Epsom dentists, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720136.