Essential Advice To Promote Strong And Healthy Teeth

Our Epsom dentists offer some simple and easy to follow everyday dental advice.

Looking after our teeth and gums is relatively easy to do if we take just a few minutes each day to take care of them.

Whilst no one can guarantee against damage to a tooth caused by an accident, many dental problems are caused by neglect, to some degree.

In today’s blog, we look in more detail at how you can take care of your teeth on a daily basis.


It is well known that a diet that is high in sugars is not only bad for your general health in the form of obesity etc, but is also one that is likely to cause damage to your teeth. As sugars turn to acid, they erode the enamel, rendering the tooth more prone to decay. Other dietary factors can also affect your teeth. A high fruit diet, especially citrus, is not only a high sugar diet, even though they are natural sugars, but the high acid levels in fruits can also lead to enamel erosion.

Some special diets such as veganism can also lead to a lack of the right nutrients to build strong and healthy teeth. Without appropriate compensation, vegans can lack certain vitamins which are essential to strong teeth. If you do choose to follow diets like this, please take care to read up on how to obtain adequate nutrition.


Whilst most people do brush their teeth, they often do so incorrectly. First of all, the toothbrush should be no more than three months old. The same applies to the head of an electric toothbrush. Many people also ‘scrub’ their teeth in an attempt to make them look cleaner. In fact, discolouration of the teeth often stems from internal darkening and can only be corrected by a teeth whitening procedure which we can perform at our Epsom dental practice.

To brush your teeth correctly, you should do so in gentle circular motions, angling the brush towards the gum line to ensure that it is cleaned of any food particles or bacteria. In addition to this, you should always make sure to use either dental floss or an interdental brush to clean the areas between the teeth. This is where many dental problems originate.

Professional care

Following the above advice should improve your chances of avoiding dental problems, but you should also ensure that you are registered with a dentist and have regular check ups with them. Generally, this will be twice yearly, although your dentist may recommend these more often, depending on your circumstances. Regular visits should hopefully allow our Clock Tower Clinic dentists to restore teeth with minimal treatment should any problems be found, rather than leaving them to become more serious.

Finally, make sure to add dental hygienist visits to your list. This is an excellent way of ensuring that any hidden or hardened bacteria is removed from the teeth and gum line before any serious damage can be done. If you live in the Epsom area of Surrey and are not registered with a dental practice, or would like to change from your current dentist, why not contact the Clock Tower Dental Clinic and see what our friendly dental team can offer you? Please call our team on 01372 720 136.