Attractive And Healthier Teeth And Gums With Near Invisible Braces in Epsom

The benefits of straighter teeth extend beyond appearance.

A newspaper recently reported that Manchester United player, Marcus Rashford has chosen to use ‘invisible braces’ to correct the alignment of his teeth. Although, allegedly, he has been on the end of some friendly ‘ribbing’ from his teammates, his choice is a wise one as this orthodontic system is barely visible to all but the most observant.

Whilst the term ‘invisible braces’ also includes those which still use the wire and bracket approach to straighter teeth, albeit with tooth coloured materials; it is the system, known as Clear Aligners which offers maximum discretion as they are made from a transparent material.


Aside from the desire of a young footballer to look good in the media, especially in those post goal scoring photos, are there any real benefits to wearing invisible braces, such as the Clear Aligner which we offer at The Clock Tower Dental Clinic? The answer is ‘yes’, and whilst most patients do, perhaps, opt for these brace systems largely for aesthetic reasons; there is little doubt that patients with nice even teeth are likely to have less dental problems than those with crooked teeth too. Of course this does rely on maintaining good oral hygiene in conjunction with routine check-ups at our Epsom dental clinic.

Interdental cleaning

The area where the teeth benefit most from when evenly spaced, is in interdental cleaning, or cleaning between the teeth. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of oral health care which is not strictly observed by a large percentage of the UK population. In fact, it is thought that only around 20% of the population uses dental floss, or similar methods to clean between the teeth. The reality is that the spaces between the teeth is where most food particles become trapped, gradually rotting and potentially leading to tooth decay. The risk of gum disease is also more likely to increase as bacteria becomes trapped around the gum-line.

Cleaning methods

Used correctly, dental floss or inter-dental brushes reduce the risk of both of these oral health issues.  The problem arises when teeth are packed too closely together, or overlap, making it next to impossible to clean between them using either method. Whilst some argue that the space between the teeth is too small for food to become trapped, it should be remembered that bacteria is microscopic and you can be sure it will find its way into the smallest of spaces.

By using the Clear Aligner system to straighten out your teeth, efficient cleaning of your gums and between your teeth becomes possible again. In addition to this, the system allows for the removal of the orthodontic trays so that the teeth can be brushed and flossed for the duration of the treatment – so a good standard of oral hygiene can be maintained whilst your teeth are being straightened.

If you would like to know more, either for aesthetic or health reasons, about our cosmetic dental braces, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom on 01372 720136.