A Straighter Smile in 6 Months

When I first heard about Six Month Smiles I will admit I was dubious.

Rav came in telling us all about this course he had attended and about a revolutionary orthodontic system which aligns your teeth in only 6 months.

I then stepped up as the guinea pig having always been conscious of my crowded teeth.

Rav took some impressions then 2 weeks later my braces were ready to fit. The whole process took about an hour and was surprisingly comfortable straight away. The brackets are ceramic so the only way people noticed a difference was my lisping for a couple of days, but again, this settled in pretty quickly too!

The day after I woke with a couple of sore spots from the brackets so I applied the wax as directed and all became comfortable again.

I had to see Rav then once a month for the elastics and wires to be changed – taking only 15 minutes a time. After only 4 months my braces were ready to be removed!!

I have now had fixed retainers cemented in place behind my teeth (no not visible at all) in order to keep my teeth in their new position, and removable retainers to wear at night.

Have the Six Month Smile has boosted my confidence immensely and I would recommend it to anybody. The procedure was so simple from the start to the end.

It really is never too late.