PRGF – New Technology To Speed Recovery Following Implant Treatment

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors ‘PRGF’ technology is a revolutionary procedure used in all our implant cases in order to reduce the recovery time.

We begin by taking a small sample of our patients blood. Charlotte is our qualified Phlebotomist here and provides this in a calm and almost pain-free way. This is then span for 8 minutes in our centrifuge and treated to produce a concentrated mixture of natural healing factors.  This is then applied to the wound area in carefully measured therapeutic dose to optimise the healing process.

Advantages of PRGF treatment:

  • Leading edge technology backed by a wealth of experience and clinical testing
  • Decreased inflammation and pain
  • A trusted an proven range of medical applications
  • Outstanding clinical efficiency as illustrated in many clinical publications
  • Totally safe and biocompatible
  • The only treatment of it’s kind that holds European (CE) and American (FDA) approval