Gum Disease Prevention – The Scale And Polish Procedure

How this essential Epsom hygienist treatment helps to keep your gums healthy.

Whilst most people probably associate going to the dentist with keeping their teeth healthy, dentists are not only concerned with the teeth, but also the patient’s gum health. If the gums become infected, this can lead to damage being done to the underlying bone structure which holds the teeth securely in place.

The biggest threat to a patient’s gums is gum disease. Whilst later stage gum disease, known as periodontitis is the greatest danger, and often needs specialist periodontal treatment, early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, is easier to treat and to prevent.

Hygienist visits

Regular visits to the hygienist at our Epsom practice are an excellent way of helping to keep on top of your oral health regimen and many patients here at Clock Tower Dental Clinic find that the discussions and advice given, helps them to improve their oral health care at home.

Whilst the guidance given by the hygienist, concerning dietary improvements and better flossing techniques, for example, will greatly improve your chances of avoiding gum disease; the professional cleaning procedure, usually known as a ‘scale and polish’ performed by our hygienist, will also help to look after your teeth and gums.

Scale and polish

The first part of the procedure, i.e. the scaling, involves the removal of hardened bacteria, known as tartar, from the teeth. This involves the use of equipment which gently ‘scrapes’ this difficult to remove material from parts of the teeth that are hard to access with a brush. Typical places include the rear of the back teeth as well as the spaces between. Scaling the teeth will remove the larger areas that have been affected, but, to ensure that your teeth and gum line are also thoroughly cleaned, a high speed brush will then be used to remove any remaining traces from the teeth and gum line.

Additional benefits

As well as the main aim of keeping your gums healthy, many of our Epsom dental patients have reported that, following a scale and polish, their teeth both felt and looked much cleaner and even slightly whiter. The high speed brushing will certainly help to remove some of the surface staining of the enamel, though, if the staining is more serious, a teeth whitening procedure should be considered if you are looking for something to make a real difference.

If you have not previously seen a dental hygienist or it has been some time since your last visit to one, an appointment can be made at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic by calling our helpful reception team on 01372 720136.