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Preventive Dentistry and the Dental Hygienist

Prevention is better than cure.

This is as relevant to dentistry as it is to any other faculty and so it is essential to address the causes of dental disease before embarking on any kind of restorative treatment.

The aim of the practice is to help people prevent disease and to look good. Research shows that the build up of plaque and subsequent bacteria causes gum disease in those people who are susceptible. We do not know who is susceptible to this condition until it is too late.

The preventive approach is to work together to monitor the condition of the gums and to thus prevent problems arising. These problems are not confined to the mouth and studies are now linking gum disease with many other conditions including heart disease and stroke. Early detection leads to easier and simpler treatment and to a better quality of life.

The dental hygienist is trained in all aspects of this field and will work with patients in a simple manner to ensure that oral health is maintained to the highest level. We may use the services of a specialist periodontist if necessary.

Prevention of gum disease

Bleeding gums are a sign of disease and should be treated quickly. If ignored this condition, gingivitis, will lead to periodontitis or gum disease and possibly problems keeping the teeth for life.

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