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Pain-free treatment

The wand system is used to deliver local anaesthetic - please see more details about the dental wand system.

This very clever device helps us provide anaesthesia almost completely painlessly. It has revolutionised our ability to help people who are afraid of dentistry and remove the pain that they thought would have to be suffered.

Local anaesthetic today is extremely effective and allows us to provide dental implants and all types of treatment in comfort.

We use a topical cream to numb the gum prior to placing the local anaesthetic. People are constantly amazed at the lack of discomfort with these techniques and often refer their friends and family for this reason.

Pain free dentistry

Nervous Patients - Conquering Dental Fear at Clocktower Dental in Surrey

In most cases previously nervous people feel relaxed enough in a calm atmosphere to undertake the dental treatment they have always wanted. Other relaxation techniques are also available, namely

  • Aromatherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Hypnotic suggestion
  • Audio visual media

Sedation - In the event that sedation is required, either due to anxiety or to the need for a prolonged procedure, Dr Joe Omar, a qualified and long-serving Harley Street doctor, is on hand to provide this service.

Nervous dental patient

Near Painless Needle-Free Injections - A Future Without Needles!


At Clocktower Dental we have taken another step towards pain-free dentistry by investing in the latest needle-free injection system called INJEX. The fear of medical injections has been widespread since its invention in the mid 1850's but now a system exists which really does remove virtually all of the pain and fear associated with dental injections.

The new INJEX system administers anaesthetic via a tiny micro orifice measuring just 0.18mm in diameter in a virtually painless and extremely accurate way. The system also achieves sufficient levels of anaesthesia with comparatively small doses and typically acts much more quickly than conventional injections.

The INJEX system is suitable for adults and is also very useful for children who often have some concerns about dental visits, particularly at an early age. Nearly all patients who are treated using the needle-free INJEX system request its use on future visits, a testament to just how successful it really is!

Here at Clocktower Dental we always seek out new, innovative and effective treatments to help maintain healthy teeth and gums for life using minimally invasive and near pain-free methods. Our recent investment in the INJEX, needle-free injection is just another example of our commitment to these principles.

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If you are a nervous dental patient in Surrey and need help to overcome your dental fears and anxiety, please call our friendly team on 01372 720136 to see how we really can make a difference.

For more information about the INJEX process, please click the thumbnail image to download our brief guide.

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