The Importance Of Emergency Dental Care

Don’t suffer in silence if you are suffering discomfort from teeth and gums

Here at Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom, your comfort and oral health are of paramount importance to us.

If you are suffering at all from any kind of discomfort or pain, in either your teeth or gums and you require emergency dental treatment, then you should contact us here at the surgery on 01372 720136 to book a fast appointment with one of our team of highly experienced and caring dental practitioners.

Why suffer in silence when relief from your pain and distress can be just a quick phone call away ?

It is extremely important that if you are experiencing any kind of dental pain, that you seek prompt dental treatment or advice. This will not only hopefully put an end to your distress and pain, but it can also be an effective preventative measure against future dental problems and often costly treatment.

Unfortunately, it’s often the case that if a dental problem is ignored and left untreated for too long, it can begin to develop into something that is far more serious and even more painful; this will then often result in you requiring a far more prolonged, invasive course of treatment. It can also unfortunately, sometimes lead to the loss of the tooth.

A cavity if left untreated can quickly become infected, leading to a nasty and extremely painful dental abscess. This will need antibiotics, then often the only treatment available to the dentist is either an extraction, or a root canal procedure.

If you are hesitant in seeking assistance because you are nervous or suffering from anxiety regarding receiving dental treatment, then we can offer you a range of sedation and pain relief methods to help with your visit. These include drug based sedation to help to ease away your anxiety.

We also use very highly effective local anaesthesia drugs as pain relief during our procedures. If this is the case, then please don’t hesitate to speak to your dentist, when you call and ask about how we care for our anxious patients.

Here at Clock Tower Dental Clinic, your long-established dentist in Epsom, we appreciate that these unwelcome problems will generally occur totally unannounced, and often at the worst possible time. Usually in the evening, at the weekend, or while we are enjoying ourselves away on holiday.

Whatever the timing of your problem though, it is extremely important that you should contact your local emergency dental service at the first sign of any dental problem.

If you are already an existing patient, or you are just visiting the Epsom area and require assistance with an urgent dental problem, then please contact us here at Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720136 and one of our team will be only too pleased to offer whatever assistance and advice they can.