6 Changes You Can Make For A Healthier Mouth

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Your oral health is important – simple changes can make all the difference.

With the new year now well underway, it is still not too late to make those resolutions that you may not have had time to make up to now.

Whilst some of these may involve life changing decisions, you should not underestimate the impact of less dramatic changes. This is especially the case in the area of oral health care, where just a few changes could make a real difference to the health of your teeth and gums.

At The Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we are firm believers in preventative dental care. Although we can restore damaged or infected teeth with procedures such as root canal treatment, or replace missing teeth with implants, we would prefer our Epsom patients not to need these treatments in the first place.

Below, we have listed 6 changes that you can make, that will make a real difference.

Stop smoking – This should be at the top of your list. Not only can smoking cause life threatening illnesses, especially of the heart and lungs, but oral cancers are also on the rise and should be taken seriously. Smoking is a leading cause of this, but, even if you are fortunate to avoid mouth cancer, you greatly increase the risk of advanced gum disease if you smoke.

Use floss – Although gum disease now has more media exposure than ever before, still very few people clean their teeth well enough to completely prevent it. Cleaning between the teeth is an area often neglected and if you use dental floss, you will be taking another step towards avoiding gingivitis and periodontitis.

See the hygienist – Although the majority of people do see their dentist at reasonably regular intervals, fewer will see the dental hygienist. Those that do though will notice a real difference. Not only will a six monthly scale and polish help to rid your teeth and gums of any built up hardened bacteria, but your mouth will feel cleaner and fresher too.

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Why It’s Best To Avoid Online Dental Remedies

However harmless they seem, some ‘wonder’ solutions to dental problems can be harmful!

If you are at all concerned about the appearance of your teeth, there is a very good chance that you have may have used that well known search engine to try to find an easy solution to the problem.

Whilst very few people will search for how to extract their own teeth, preferring instead the professionalism of an experienced dentist, less invasive treatments are quite widely searched. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most common of these is ‘how to whiten your teeth at home’.

The results tend to throw up a mixture of solutions, from common long standing ones, such as using lemon juice to bleach your teeth (we’ll come to that later), to celebrity endorsed ones which range from the bizarre to the downright harmful.

Below, we take a look at why you should generally be very cautious about these methods and should always consult one of our Surrey based cosmetic dentists if you want to whiten your teeth. We focus on two of the most popular results, but you should beware of others too.

Lemon juice teeth whitening

The theory behind this method is that lemon juice acts as a natural and harmless form of bleach that will whiten your teeth. Whilst it is true that it is obviously much less harmful if you accidentally swallow lemon juice than if you do so with bleach, it can still do serious damage to your teeth.

‘Natural’ does not always mean harmless, and using lemon juice to brush your teeth may possibly lighten the colour of your teeth a little, but will do so by removing not only some of the surface staining, but by removing some of the enamel too. This is important as it is the hard enamel exterior that protects the softer dentin area from bacteria and acids. As you erode the outer enamel, the risk of decay and root canal infections rise. In addition to this, the thinner enamel will start to show the darker colour from the inner part of the tooth, negating any whitening benefits from any stain removal. In short, don’t do it!

Charcoal toothpaste

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2018 – Your Year For A Great New Smile?

straight white teeth

Why not investigate a smile makeover at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom?

A smile says a lot about a person. Especially when we meet someone for the first time, a warm and attractive smile can really make a great impression. Unfortunately, most of us have some type of noticeable ‘defect’ with our smile; but this does not need to be permanent and is something we can definitely help with.

Our Surrey cosmetic dentists often see a rise in the number of patients each January, as people make determinations for the New Year. Increasingly, a smile improvement treatment is high on their list, along with losing weight, stopping smoking and getting fit. This comes as no surprise, as cosmetic treatment is now more affordable and accessible for an increasing number of people.

Smile makeover

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we offer a treatment plan known as a smile makeover. This is not necessarily an individual treatment (although it can be), but is usually a combination of cosmetic treatments designed to bring out the best in your smile.

Although some advanced procedures, such as dental implant placement, can also be used where necessary, a smile makeover often consists of one or more of the following treatments.

Cosmetic bonding – If the patient has a small chip in a tooth, but one that is not extensive enough for a crown to be needed; either bonding or a small tooth coloured filling may be used to restore its appearance.

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A Festive Reminder About The Dangers Of Smoking

Make it your New Year resolution to stop this damaging habit!

Part of the role of the hygienist at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic is educational. Not only do they offer a professional, thorough clean that removes hardened bacteria from the teeth and gums, but they will also discuss any lifestyle choices which might be affecting your oral health.

One of the biggest changes that people can make, to keep their teeth and gums healthy, is to stop smoking. With the New Year coming up, this is an ideal time to take a look at some of the many good reasons why you should quit.

General health

Although we are not medical doctors, it is now widely acknowledged that smoking plays a significant part in heart and lung disease, as well as many forms of cancer. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind, that stopping smoking will be beneficial for their general health.

Oral cancers

Oral cancer can affect any area of the mouth, including cheeks, tongue and throat. Although not one of the better know cancers, it can prove fatal, or at least life changing. Smoking is one of the biggest contributory factors to this disease, and stopping smoking can only help to keep your mouth healthier. Regular checks at our Epsom dental surgery allow our dentists to examine all of your mouth for possible indications of cancers. You may be referred to your GP if we see something that we feel should be checked.

Gum disease/halitosis

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Recovering From Your Dental Implant Procedure

Looking after yourself following teeth replacement treatment in Epsom, Surrey

Once placed and fully integrated with the bone structure, dental implants should last for twenty years or more, providing a natural-looking and strong replacement tooth.

However, there is no denying that the treatment does require some special care in the immediate period following the procedure.

Not only will taking care of yourself during this time make for a more comfortable experience, but will also help to ensure that the new dental implant remains clean and healthy.

In today’s Clock Tower Dental Clinic blog post, we discuss what you need to do following your dental implant treatment.


As with any medical procedure, it is best if you can take a few days to rest and recover. This will not only help to keep you comfortable, but will also allow your body to recuperate and start the healing process that is so important to the health of your new implant. Even if you can’t take time from work to do this, you should ensure that you do not take part in any strenuous physical activity or anything that may contribute to damaging the site of the procedure.

Oral cleanliness

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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Christmas Indulgence

Clocktower Dental Implant and Facial Centre

Don’t spoil the festivities with self-induced dental problems.

Christmas is a time of the year when many of us try to relax and take a few days off from work.

Most of us will probably also acknowledge that we over indulge and ‘let ourselves go’ a little too. Whilst this may mean putting on a few extra pounds, this is usually reversible as we get back into our normal routine after the holiday period.

The same cannot always be said for the damage that we do to our teeth at this time of the year. Below, our Epsom dental team look at ways to keep your teeth in good condition during the Christmas and New Year break and the excesses which may occur!

Keep the sugars down

Few of us will stick to our normal diet at Christmas and many of us will, perhaps, keep dipping our hand in the chocolate box or biscuit tin whilst we watch TV. This means a continual feast for the bacteria that live in our mouths which thrive on the sugars that we eat, and produce acids that harm the enamel of our teeth. Try to keep your intake of sugar to a reasonable level.

Soft drinks

We may consume more sugary drinks at Christmas too and this will have the same effect as above. Try to at least alternate your sugary drink intake with fresh water.


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Smiling Can Offer More Benefits Than You Might Think!

white teeth smiles

Are you happy enough with your teeth to smile freely?

A nice white smile looks great; there is little doubt about that. Few people, however, probably realise the differences that smiling can make to your life. Some of these benefits are fairly obvious, and others less so. Your Epsom cosmetic dentists are always happy to help you to have a confident smile, and here are some of the reasons why it’s well worthwhile pursuing.

Smiling can help lower blood pressure

Life can be stressful for everyone at some time in their life and often can’t be avoided. How we cope with this can affect our health though. Studies have shown that people who were given stressful tasks and told to smile, found that their blood pressure returned to normal faster than those who were told not to smile.

Smiling can actually make you happier

We generally think that people smile because they are happy. This is true, but some research has indicated that you can change your mental state by smiling, even when you really don’t feel like it. The theory is that this action sends a message to the brain and improves the blood flow in that area, making you feel happier.

It makes you look younger

Especially if you have a nice set of teeth, perhaps whitened by our teeth whitening procedure, there is little doubt that we look younger when we smile. Smiling lifts the cheek muscles and tightens the skin, giving us a younger looking appearance.

It can improve your career and romance prospects

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Short Course Orthodontic Treatment

Modern dental braces

Fast acting ‘invisible’ braces in use at our Epsom dental practice.

For many people, their experience of dental braces is seeing children, many years ago at school, who wore unsightly metal braces for long periods of time.

With that kind of memory, it is probably not surprising that many adults take the decision to leave their crooked teeth as they are, especially if the problem is fairly minor.

It is also likely that some people still think that longer term orthodontics are the only way to have straighter teeth, but nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst some teeth straightening may require longer treatment, the range of short course orthodontics available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, means that you can have straighter teeth in a much shorter period of time.

Discreet materials

Whilst dental braces have traditionally used metal for the wiring and brackets that are used to re-position teeth, this is no longer always the case. It is true that some braces do still use this system to good effect, but now do so using finer, tooth-coloured wires and brackets. These are much more discreet and allow wearers to go about their daily lives with very few people noticing.

Clear aligners are another popular method that can be used depending on circumstances. These abandon wiring altogether and consist of a series of transparent trays that are worn directly over the teeth. They are made from a hard wearing medical grade plastic, making them largely fracture resistant. Generally speaking, this type of brace system does take longer to complete the treatment but some people prefer them because of their convenience and discreet wearing. For example, you can remove them when eating and whilst cleaning your teeth which simply isn’t possible with many types of braces, even modern variants.

Speed is of the essence

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Why Whiter Teeth Sometimes Means Healthier Teeth

straight white teeth

A look at one of the positive side effects of a teeth whitening procedure.

It is fair to say that most people who come to our long-established Epsom dental practice for a teeth whitening procedure do so because they want a whiter and nicer looking smile. This makes sense, and a teeth whitening procedure is generally considered to be purely cosmetic  with no ‘health’ benefits.

On the surface of things, this is true; however, for some people, having their teeth whitened also brings a change of attitude towards their oral health.

If you have never had your teeth whitened, you may not have noticed it, but your teeth will almost certainly have become darker than when you were a child. Some of this is likely to be surface staining; from tea, coffee and perhaps cigarettes, but some also occurs because the internal part of our teeth darken over time, causing our teeth to look discoloured.

Maintaining a whiter smile

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Six Common Misunderstandings About Dental Veneers

Our Epsom dentists discuss the facts about this popular cosmetic dental procedure.

If your teeth are discoloured, you may have done a little research about both teeth whitening and dental veneers? Whilst there are relatively few concerns about a teeth whitening procedure, having veneers fitted is more complex and, therefore, it is perhaps not surprising to find more questions asked about them, especially if you use the internet to do your research!

In today’s blog, we offer explanations reagrding some of the more common misunderstandings about dental veneers.

The procedure is painful

This is not true. Whilst it is a somewhat invasive procedure, you will be given a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort that you might feel. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

Veneers will end up getting stained too

Whilst this is not entirely untrue, the porcelain veneers that we use at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic are non porous and therefore will not stain very easily at all. Some substances, such as tar from cigarettes, could still stick to the surface though, but regular brushing should be sufficient to stop this from happening.

Veneers look unnatural

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