We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic

The Clocktower Dental Clinic and Implant Centre is open to provide dental treatment.

As all dentists, we can provide dental treatment in accordance with the current guidelines.

Further changes during the Covid-19 pandemic

Health, safety and wellbeing has always been our top priority. We have practised ‘Dentistry for health’ for many years and have protective measures in place.

We have implemented additional precautionary measures to ensure a safe, clean and healthy environment for all our patients and staff. We will continue to follow all recommendations given by the UK Government and Public Health England.

  • We have used the IQ Air dental Hg FlexVac system from Air Science Limited for some years for both patient and staff protection. This provides air purification with multiple air changes per hour. Its Hyper HEPA filtration filters aerosol particles, bacteria, viruses, and any very small particles. The carbon filters remove Mercury and other vapours, disinfectant smells and a wide range of VOCs. (Read more about why particle size matters on IQ air website)
  • In addition to this we have installed another Hepa air purifier in practice. This air helps to clean the air through the practice.
  • An air quality monitor is being used to track the quality of air in the surgeries.
  • We check the health of each member of staff daily and take the temperature of our patients as they arrive.
  • As everywhere, we will ask you to wear a mask during your time with us and this will only be removed during the time of dental treatment.
  • Our patients will have a mouth wash and rinse before we commence treatment
  • Rubber dam can be used to isolate the tooth and hopefully minimise viral transmission. The tooth or teeth requiring treatment are disinfected with a solution beforehand.
  • All clinical staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including fit-tested respirator masks, face shields, fresh gowns and hats to prevent cross infection.

What to expect on your next visit

As well as increased hygiene procedures and new equipment there will also be a few changes to the appointment procedure.

  • We will contact you prior to your appointment to ask you a few triage questions regarding your health.
  • There is hand sanitiser as you enter and masks to be put on.
  • Your temperature will be taken as you enter the clinic.
  • We will guide you into one of the two waiting areas.
  • The reception desk allows for 2 metre distancing.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the clinic and you will be encouraged to use it.
  • Magazines, toys, the coffee machine and any newspapers have had to be removed from the waiting areas at the moment.
  • Patients who are experiencing coughs, high temperature or any other Covid-19 symptoms (including living or working with someone who has such symptoms) will be asked not to attend the clinic for 14 days.

Thank you for your trust, patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Please contact us if you would like further information about the new health and safety measures implemented or to discuss your next appointment.

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