Smile and Eat With Confidence in Epsom!

Smile and Eat With Confidence in Epsom!

The Clock Tower Dental Clinic – helping you have strong and healthy teeth.

Have you ever paused, when looking at a menu, and eventually chosen a meal that is less challenging for your teeth?

Many people are thought to compromise in this manner due to their lack of faith that their teeth, natural or otherwise, are simply not up to the task of chewing harder foods.

This is a shame and is also unnecessary. There is a wide range of procedures available at our Epsom dental practice that can restore your teeth to a strong and stable state, or, where teeth have been lost, replace them with secure replacements.

Below are just some of the ways that we may be able to help you to have teeth that will allow you to tackle even the most challenging foods.

General dental care

Healthy teeth are usually strong teeth and there is no better way to ensure that this is maintained than by having regular oral health checks performed by one of our friendly Epsom dentists. Problems such as gum disease can be detected early on and treated before it starts to weaken the bone that holds your teeth in position. Decay can also be treated with a minor filling, where necessary, rather than allowing the decay to spread. In cases where a patient has not seen a dentist for a while and more extensive treatment is needed, our Cerec produced dental crowns offer a speedy and effective way to restore a more badly damaged tooth.

Orthodontic care

Whilst most people probably have orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of a crooked smile, the reality is that straighter teeth are also stronger and healthier. Not only are straighter teeth easier to keep clean, thereby reducing the risk of problems such as decay and gum disease, but also allow a more even bite. Continually biting down on uneven teeth can cause undue pressure and wearing; even breakage is possible in cases where alignment and overlap is particularly bad.

Replacement teeth

Almost everyone that wears dentures will, at some point, have opted to eat softer foods because they were concerned about whether their dentures would become loose if they chewed harder foods. This is a problem for many denture wearers and even using denture adhesive may only improve the situation a little, whilst also being messy. An alternative for our local Epsom patients, is to have their dentures replaced or stabilised by dental implants. This can be done for individual teeth or even a full arch. Dental implants offer the strongest and most stable method of tooth replacement currently available.

If you are not satisfied with how your teeth currently look or perform, why not contact the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom on 01372 720136 to see how we can help you eat with confidence once more.