6 Changes You Can Make For A Healthier Mouth

Your oral health is important – simple changes can make all the difference.

With the new year now well underway, it is still not too late to make those resolutions that you may not have had time to make up to now.

Whilst some of these may involve life changing decisions, you should not underestimate the impact of less dramatic changes. This is especially the case in the area of oral health care, where just a few changes could make a real difference to the health of your teeth and gums.

At The Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we are firm believers in preventative dental care. Although we can restore damaged or infected teeth with procedures such as root canal treatment, or replace missing teeth with implants, we would prefer our Epsom patients not to need these treatments in the first place.

Below, we have listed 6 changes that you can make, that will make a real difference.

Stop smoking – This should be at the top of your list. Not only can smoking cause life threatening illnesses, especially of the heart and lungs, but oral cancers are also on the rise and should be taken seriously. Smoking is a leading cause of this, but, even if you are fortunate to avoid mouth cancer, you greatly increase the risk of advanced gum disease if you smoke.

Use floss – Although gum disease now has more media exposure than ever before, still very few people clean their teeth well enough to completely prevent it. Cleaning between the teeth is an area often neglected and if you use dental floss, you will be taking another step towards avoiding gingivitis and periodontitis.

See the hygienist – Although the majority of people do see their dentist at reasonably regular intervals, fewer will see the dental hygienist. Those that do though will notice a real difference. Not only will a six monthly scale and polish help to rid your teeth and gums of any built up hardened bacteria, but your mouth will feel cleaner and fresher too.

Switch to an electric toothbrush – Whilst it is possible to clean your teeth well with a manual toothbrush, we generally find that people clean them better using an electric brush. If you make sure that yours has a sensor which cuts out if you press too hard, problems such as compromised enamel and gum recession are easily avoided.

Reduce your sugar intake – We know that this might be easier said than done, but cutting down on sugar will be good for your teeth as well as your overall health. Above all, try to limit sugary food and drinks to short bursts and in moderation. A soft sweet chewed and swallowed, for instance, is probably less harmful than a sweet that is sucked for a long period of time.

Keep your dental appointment – There are good reasons why we like to see most patients at least twice a year. Early intervention is important to catch problems quickly and prevent longer term damage and more complex procedures. If you are anxious about seeing a dentist and this causes you to avoid your appointments, please speak to us about it. We offer needle free injections, along with the option of conscious sedation for very anxious patients.

If you would like to start to make these changes now, why not give our Epsom practice a call on 01372 720136 and arrange an appointment with the dentist or hygienist at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic? We’ll be pleased to welcome you!