Cosmetic Dentistry – Helping You Achieve A Younger Looking And Whiter Smile

Our Epsom dentists discuss the growing popularity of  teeth whitening

straight white teethThere is a popular belief that dull or discoloured teeth are always caused by what we eat and drink. This is partially true, but the reality is that our teeth will eventually lose their whiteness as we grow older anyway and we will discuss the reasons for this in more detail shortly.

There was a time, not so long ago, when this would mean that after a certain age, you would simply have to live with your teeth the way they were. These days though, treatments such as the teeth whitening procedure that we offer at the Clocktower Dental Implant and Facial Centre is available to most people, especially with the help of our finance plans, should you require them.

What causes discoloured teeth?

As we indicated, certain foods and drinks can cause surface staining to our teeth. Key culprits here are drinks such as tea and red wines, caused by the tannin in them. Dark fruits and soy sauce can also have this effect. Worst of all, and definitely the worst for your oral and general health, is smoking.

Whilst these products can cause surface staining, much discolouration later on in life actually comes from discolouration of the dentin in our teeth which lies directly below the outer enamel layer. Over time, this becomes darker in colour and will show through the translucent enamel, often leaving you with the appearance of having yellowing teeth. It won’t matter how hard you ‘scrub’ your teeth when you brush them, this will not change and you are more likely to cause enamel erosion this way, itself causing more staining as the surface of the enamel becomes rougher and attracts staining more easily.

Treating stained and discoloured teeth

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, we would advise against using tooth whitening toothpastes as these are likely to have little effect due to the minute amount of whitening ingredient allowed in them by law, for safety reasons.

Your first step should be to have an initial consultation at our local Epsom dentists with one of our cosmetic dental team. They will be able to examine your teeth and determine the appropriate plan to provide you with a whiter smile.

There are two possible methods that might be used.

‘Scale and polish’

This is more generally used in the management of gum health but also has the effect of removing some surface staining from the teeth. Those with very light staining may find that this treatment is enough to give them the whiteness they desire. We encourage all of our patients to see our hygienist every six months as this is highly beneficial for your teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening procedure

If your teeth are dull or discoloured enough to be concerned about them, there is every chance that you are likely to gain more benefit from our teeth whitening treatment. This is a non-invasive procedure that can whiten your teeth in just one hour.  We use the Zoom2 teeth whitening method which has been proven to be effective at whitening teeth up to eight shades in a single hour. The dentist will first of all protect the gums and soft tissues before applying a whitening gel to your teeth. A special light is then applied to this which speeds up the process, leaving you with whiter teeth in just an hour!

To pass time whilst the treatment happens, you may wish to bring some music to listen to or you can bring a DVD that we can play on our DVD player for you – please check the availability in advance with our reception team.

Most patients experience no side effects from this treatment but a small number might experience a little additional sensitivity for a short while afterwards; this should soon pass however.

Having whiter teeth is no longer exclusive to the wealthier members of society. Indeed, somewhere in the region of 50% of under 35s plan to have their teeth whitened within a year or so. As it is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available, and one of the quickest to give you a real smile boost, this should probably come as no surprise. For those whose budget is more restricted, we can still help you to have whiter teeth with one of our dental finance plans.

If you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look, you don’t have to put up with it anymore. To start the journey to a brighter, whiter smile, please make an appointment for your initial consultation at the Clocktower Dental Implant and Facial Centre by calling us today on 01372 720136 and talk to one of our friendly receptionists.