Renew Your Smile

Renew Your Smile

Tooth neglect? We’re here to help!

At the Clocktower Dental Clinic in Epsom, Surrey, we firmly believe that everybody deserves a second chance.

Some of us have probably been guilty of neglecting our health, to some extent,  when we were younger; perhaps through poor diet, smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Whilst it appears that as far as drinking and smoking go, the younger generation are generally living healthier lifestyles, it is fair to say that, for those in their middle ages and beyond, cigarettes and alcohol probably played an important role in their social life when they were younger.

Times change, and our understanding of what certain practices can do to our health evolves. As it does so, we may gradually change our diet and habits, though the legacy of these lifestyles can linger for many years. This is especially the case when it comes to the health and appearance of our teeth.

Too young to understand

As children, our teeth are just our teeth. We probably think very little about them apart from how much we really don’t want to clean them. It possibly isn’t until our first bad toothache that we start to understand a little more about why we should look after them. Even though our knowledge may have expanded by our teens, our lives are developing at such a rapid pace at this time of life that we often simply don’t worry about our teeth much at all.

As things settle down and we become a little older, and some may also say a little wiser, we may sit down and take stock of the harm that we have done to our health. It is often at this stage that we take up jogging, join a gym or eat a healthier diet. Whilst these things are all potentially good for our health, you can’t really take the same approach with your teeth.


When we arrive at the point that we think we should take better care of our teeth, this is certainly a good thing. However, starting to brush your teeth more diligently at this stage, will only really help to delay the decline but issues such as tooth decay can still progress.

The reality is that if you have neglected your teeth and gums up until this point, professional intervention will likely be necessary to restore them. In addition to any improvements in their health and appearance that this brings, many studies also now link common problems, such as gum disease, with other serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. By taking the initial step to see one of our Epsom dentists, you may improve your chances of avoiding other health problems, as well as dental ones.

How we can help

The Clocktower Dental Clinic offers a wide range of treatments, from relatively straightforward ones such as a filling (including natural colour fillings) and gum disease treatment, to more sophisticated ones such as multiple dental implant placement.

Although you may have completed some initial research on the internet, and perhaps decided that specific treatments are the best option for you, the best, and only place, to really start restoring your teeth is with a thorough examination at our Epsom dental clinic. Before we start any specific treatment, it is essential that the basic health of your mouth is restored. This will often include a scale and polish procedure which will be carried out by our in house dental hygienist. Any minor fillings may also be carried out to complete a basic restoration.

Cosmetic treatments – The next step

If having a healthy mouth was your sole aim, we could perhaps stop at this point, followed up by regular six monthly check ups. Many patients that come to us at this stage in their life though, are also interested in improving the look, and sometimes the function, of their teeth.

Cosmetic restorations can not only improve the way that your teeth look, but how they perform as well. Restorations such as a crown or dental implant can make it much easier to chew your food efficiently, as well as helping you to have a natural and attractive looking smile. These, and a few other treatments perform both a practical and cosmetic function.

A whiter smile

One treatment which can be said to be truly cosmetic is the ever popular teeth whitening procedure. This straightforward treatment is a great way to whiten your teeth in a safe and natural way. For many patients, this is the ‘icing on the cake’ treatment which they have following other restorations such as orthodontic correction. Even those with generally attractive and healthy teeth can benefit from this procedure however. All of us will find that our teeth become duller as we grow older, irrespective of how well we have looked after them. The fact is that this is caused by a darkening of the inner part of the tooth, a natural occurrence as we grow older. No amount of brushing will remove this (though it may remove some less stubborn surface staining), and using the Zoom 2 whitening treatment is the most effective way of achieving a nice white smile.

Seeing a dentist to discuss how you can improve your teeth should be on everybody’s “to do” list. You might be surprised at what is achievable these days, especially if you haven’t seen a dentist for a while. Remember too, that there is no obligation to undergo any treatment if you feel unable to for any reason, at that particular time.

If you have reached ‘that time of life’ when you take stock and decide that it is time for some changes, why not arrange to see a dentist at our Epsom practice for a thorough check and a discussion about the treatments we have on offer? Please call our team today to arrange a no-obligation consultation on 01372 720136.