The Professional Way To Improved Smile Aesthetics!

The Professional Way To Improved Smile Aesthetics!

The work of Dr Ravdeep Dhami at Clocktower Dental in Epsom.

Whilst some people may only visit their dentist for essential care, such as check ups and the occasional filing; an increasing number of patients are seeking out ways to improve the way that they look. At the Clocktower Dental Clinic, I am proud to offer my range of skills to help you achieve a great looking smile.

Teeth improvements

Before we start to work on improving the look of your teeth, you will need to have your teeth checked for problems such as decay and gum disease. There is little use, for example, in fitting a dental veneer to a decaying tooth. Doing so would render it less than effective and almost certainly result in a short lifespan for the restoration.

Once your teeth are suitably healthy, or where the cosmetic procedure to be used, such as a crown, would act to restore the tooth, we will review the best ways to give you a smile to be proud of.

Common cosmetic procedures

There are many cosmetic procedures that can be used, and I will offer advice on the best approach once you have had your initial consultation.

Amongst the cosmetic services that I provide are:

Porcelain veneers

These are attached to the front of the teeth following the removal of an equivalent thickness of the natural tooth enamel. They can be used for purely cosmetic purposes, where the teeth are heavily stained, or can be used to restore a chipped or cracked tooth. In some cases veneers can also be used to close gaps in the teeth and improve alignment.

Dental crowns

Crowns are used when a tooth has broken quite badly or where a large amount of decay is present. They are also used to complete a dental implant procedure or root canal therapy. Crowns are made to match the natural colour of your teeth and can provide a significant aesthetic boost to your smile.


Crooked teeth can spoil even the whitest smile, and modern orthodontics (braces) are a great way to correct this problem. Some, such as the Six Month Smile technique, offer a speedy way to correct minor issues, whilst others such as the Clear Aligner can not only provide more extensive corrective work, but also does so in a way that is both very discreet and convenient for the patient.

Facial aesthetics

A beautiful smile can also be enhanced further by improving your general facial appearance. Firming up of the lips, and softening wrinkles can give you a younger looking appearance that will help to show up your new smile even more!

The first step for anyone considering cosmetic dentistry is to have an initial appointment to discuss the aims, methods and costs involved. This is a no-obligation meeting between the patient and myself. If you would like to discuss how we can improve your smile, please call our team on 01372 720136.

Dr Ravdeep Dhami is a general dentist offering a wide range of cosmetic services at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom (GDC 114635).