Single Tooth Implants – Don’t Leave A Gap!

Our Epsom dentist explains the benefits of dental implant placement.

Losing a tooth, especially if it a sudden loss such as in an accident, can be a traumatic event and leaves you assessing options to replace it. Whilst some people may choose not to replace a missing tooth at all, especially a hidden tooth, this is not advisable.

This is because the loss of just one tooth can have an impact upon our other teeth too; but treatment here at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom ensures that patients can overcome this problem and lower the risk of any “knock on” effects.


If the lost tooth is visible at the front of the mouth, very few people will opt to leave the gap. Instead, they will look to the various ways in which this could be replaced. Whilst a denture may provide a reasonably aesthetic solution, few people want the risk of a visible front tooth becoming loose and wobbling around during a conversation. Bridges offer a more secure solution, but also require work to be done on the teeth adjacent to the gap. However, a dental implant is firm, secure an natural looking and hence why many people consider it to be the best option to replace a missing tooth.

Rear and hidden teeth

What though, if the tooth that has been lost is one that is rarely seen, apart from when you laugh? Some people may be tempted to just live with the gap as few people will see it. There are a number of issues with this decision though.

  1. Less effective chewing – Rear teeth especially, are responsible for the majority of chewing that we do. A lost tooth can place extra stress on the remaining teeth, sometimes causing uneven wear.
  2. Jaw problems – The way that our teeth meet can affect the health of our jaw. With healthy teeth, there should be few problems. Where a bite is uneven, as may be the case when a tooth is missing, this can put stress on the jaw and may result in discomfort or a clicking jaw.
  3. Crooked teeth – A lost tooth means that the bone in the jaw will start to deteriorate and increase the likelihood of neighbouring teeth encroaching into the space. As this happens, they also create new spaces for others to move into. This gradual cascade effect can result in the patient having crooked and uneven teeth.

Benefits of implants

Whether visible or hidden, we believe that dental implants offer the best solution for replacing any missing teeth. Although it involves minor invasive dental surgery during placement, this is a one off treatment that provides very strong and secure replacement teeth for a long time to come. An additional and important benefit of dental implants is that they not only replace the tooth part that is visible above the gum line, but also the root of the tooth in the form of a titanium implant, in the jawbone. The presence of the the implant minimises bone loss in the area and helps to maintain facial shape.

If you would like to discuss your options to replace a missing tooth with the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, please call our Epsom practice to arrange an appointment on 01372 720136.