Prosthodontics – Replacing Missing Teeth At Your Local Epsom Dentist

Prosthodontics – Replacing Missing Teeth At Your Local Epsom Dentist

From dentures to dental implants, there are several ways to replace missing teeth.

With good care, regular brushing and flossing, and perhaps a little luck, many of us will hopefully reach our later years having lost few, if any, of our teeth. For some though, lost teeth will unfortunately be a feature.

It isn’t just poor dental care that causes tooth loss; some illnesses such as diabetes and even some side effects of medication can increase the risk. There are also accidents as well, especially traumatic ones such as a car crash that can cause significant mouth damage, including the loss of many teeth.

Whether it is a single tooth that is missing, or a full arch, the team at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic are here to help rebuild your mouth and your smile.

Replacing missing teeth

Perhaps the best known method of tooth replacement is to use dentures and this is a treatment many patients still choose. Whilst it does have its advantages, such as the fact that often no surgery is required, patients are increasingly turning away from this method due to issues such as denture instability and also the fact that wearing them can make eating certain foods a little difficult.

Dentures can be used to replace individual teeth or a full arch and whilst still widely used, are slowly but surely being overtaken by dental implants.

Dental bridge

A bridge typically consists of a replacement tooth that is held in position by the two crowns that are attached to teeth on either side of the gap. This method does allow for more stability and strength than dentures but also requires the preparation of the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Especially where these teeth are in otherwise good health, it it is understandable why some patients prefer to avoid using a bridge.

Dental implants

The final, and in our opinion, the best way to replace a missing tooth, or even a full arch of teeth is using dental implants. These are essentially artificial tooth roots that are made from titanium and are placed into the jawbone. Over a period of three months or so, they bond with the bone tissue and create an extremely strong synthetic tooth root. At this stage, a crown can be added which replicates both the look and feel of a natural tooth. In most cases, these will be of equivalent or greater strength than your own natural teeth.

Our team

If you are considering replacing a missing tooth, or teeth, with dental implants, it is important to understand that this is a complex procedure, albeit one that has an extremely high success rate. It is important to make sure that your dentist is fully trained and has sufficient experience with this type of treatment. Although the success rate is very high, implants can sometimes fail, and may even cause pain when they do. This is certainly one procedure that we strongly recommend that you don’t cut corners on as some who have had cheap dental implants abroad have found out to their cost.

It is not just the dentist who plays a major role in successful implant placement, but the type of implant too. It can be tempting for some dentists to cut corners by using slightly inferior quality materials. Doing this risks their failure though as only certain materials support the successful bonding of the implant with the jaw bone. Our Epsom team uses only the highest quality dental implants to ensure that you have the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

The treatment itself is complex and takes a little longer than most other procedures; however, you should not find it to be significantly more uncomfortable than most other more complex treatments. With the use of accurate scanning equipment to ensure correct placement, and a powerful local anaesthetic to offer you the maximum comfort, most patients are able to have this treatment with few problems at all.

For those who are perhaps less comfortable with having a procedure of this nature, we are always available to offer help and advice to assist. Even the most nervous patients can benefit from dental implants through the use of sedation administered by our team member Dr Omar, an experienced Harley Street doctor.

Missing teeth should not be ignored and a gap left. Not only can this spoil a nice smile but can affect the way that we eat. Using the remaining teeth to compensate may also result in their premature wear, and possible loss. So even if you only have a single tooth missing, we recommend that you have this replaced as soon as possible.

To talk to one of our Epsom based dentists about your options to replace missing teeth, please make an appointment at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic by calling us today on 01372 720136.