Overcoming fear of dental injections and procedures in Epsom

Overcoming fear of dental injections and procedures in Epsom

The ‘Wand’ and sedation options – helping manage dental anxiety

Before anaesthetics were widely available, any dental procedure would have been quite painful for the patient.

Fortunately, modern anaesthesia now makes even the most complex procedures relatively painless, but despite the obvious advantages, many people still hold a real fear of the injection that is now widely used to administer it.

Interestingly, it isn’t actually the needle entering the gum that causes the initial unpleasant sensation, but primarily the rush of the anaesthetic entering the bloodstream.

This is small consolation for those who have a phobia of needles though, and, at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom, we are pleased to be able to offer an alternative which works equally effectively, and without the stress that the injection can cause some people.

The Wand

The Wand is an alternative to a regular injection, and the flow of anaesthetic is controlled by a computer to ensure that any discomfort felt by the patient, during their procedure, is as minimal as possible.

Naturally, it is necessary for an anaesthetic to have to enter the bloodstream so that the nerves can be numbed. This is still achieved through an injection, albeit a very minor one. First of all, the gums are numbed externally using a numbing gel. A tiny needle is then used to enter the skin in the area that has been numbed. The patient will notice the area becoming numb, as it would with a regular local anaesthetic, but without the discomfort caused by the rush of anaesthetic into the gum which typically happens with a regular injection.

The Wand should prove to be as effective as a normal local anaesthetic and is suitable for all procedures where this would normally be used.


Patients of our Epsom dental practice who suffer from severe dental anxiety, or who are due to undergo a lengthy procedure may also be pleased to know that we also offer sedation for these purposes, where required. We have an experienced and qualified doctor available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, should this be requested. We always do everything that we can to make our patient’s visits to our Epsom practice as painless and stress free as possible and this certainly helps to ensure that regular check-ups are maintained.

Our practice regularly monitors new developments in dentistry, and, where useful and practical, may incorporate new technology into our clinic. Two examples of this are Cerec and Therazone which we will cover in future blogs. You can always be sure that we are seeking continual improvement for your benefit.

If you live in the Epsom area and are not registered with a dentist, or wish to change to a new practice, why not call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic today on 01372 720136.