Straightening The ‘Social Six’ Front Teeth

Using the Six Month Smiles orthodontic system to create beautiful smiles in Epsom!

Dental braces are something that most people will want to avoid if they can. Whilst some are fortunate to have nice even teeth, even those people with crooked teeth sometimes decline treatment to have them straightened, preferring instead, to live with a crooked smile.

One of the reasons people give for not having their teeth straightened is that they do not wish to wear uncomfortable and very visible dental braces, possibly for quite a long period of time. This is understandable perhaps, but also unnecessary with some of the modern orthodontic braces now available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic.

The ‘Social Six’

Whilst braces can be worn for lengthy periods of time to correct misaligned teeth throughout the mouth, many people are only really concerned with how crooked front affect their smile. Where there are no additional functional concerns, it makes sense therefore, to focus efforts on straightening the teeth that are most visible. These are the six top and bottom teeth, sometimes referred to as the ‘social six’.

Although there are certainly benefits to straightening all of your teeth, it is possible, using the Six Month Smile cosmetic braces system, to straighten out the visible teeth in a much shorter period of time.

Six Month Smile

The Six Month Smile system uses a similar method to traditional dental braces. Gone though are the metal wires and brackets that make these old styled braces so highly visible. Using finer tooth coloured materials, the Six Month Smile system allows for just the social six teeth to be effectively straightened in a manner that is relatively discreet.

The time that these braces take to work will depend on each individual case, and our Epsom cosmetic dentist will advise you of the approximate treatment time during your consultation.  As can probably be gathered from the name though, these braces take, on average, around six months to work. This is around half the time of traditional braces, and, where the problem is relatively minor, may well take less than six months.

Top it off with whitening!

Once you’ve straightened your teeth using this method (or any other of the orthodontic treatments that we offer), you might wish to consider having your teeth professionally whitened to bring out the best in your new smile. Our in house Zoom whitening treatment takes just one hour to work, and will leave your teeth up to eight shades whiter!

If you would like to discuss your crooked teeth with us and find out how we can correct this for you, please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720 136.