A Whiter Smile For Spring!

Fast acting teeth whitening treatment at our Epsom dental practice.

With Spring now officially here, and even a few pleasant days already behind us, many of us will be starting to put away our thicker darker clothing and bringing out the brighter colours for Spring. For many people too, this is a time when they start to think about having a teeth whitening procedure to brighten up their smile for the sunnier days ahead.

For those who have had stained or discoloured teeth for some time, this may appear to be a wish that can’t easily be fulfilled. No doubt many will have tried the wide range of whitening toothpastes now available and will, quite probably, be disappointed with the results.

There is good news for anyone in this situation, in that a professional teeth whitening procedure will produce much better results that can leave your teeth up to eight shades whiter than they were before.

One hour treatment

Using the Zoom 2 teeth whitening system, the dentists at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic are able to whiten your teeth in just one hour. No local anaesthetic is necessary and you should feel quite comfortable during the procedure. A guard will be fitted which prevents your lips and gums from coming into contact with the whitening gel, which is a form of clinical bleach. This prevents any potentially painful and unsightly burning. Once we are happy that you are protected, the whitening gel is then applied to your teeth.

A special dental light is used which activates the whitening ingredient and begins the process. During the hour or so once the treatment starts, you are free to just relax or read or listen to music or watch TV. Finally, once the treatment is over, the gel will be removed and you should be able to see an amazing improvement in the whiteness of your teeth.


Your new whiter teeth should last for many months before starting to gradually darken again. Whilst some of this may be due to surface staining, it is also an unavoidable fact that the inner part of our teeth darken with age and nothing can prevent this from  happening. You may wish to use a whitening toothpaste to extend the period of whiteness, and, if you feel that the surface of your teeth are the main reason for discolouration, an appointment with our hygienist may also remove some of this surface staining using a high speed dental brush.

Even with these extending techniques, there will come a time when your teeth start to lose the whiteness and, should you wish to, you can simply repeat the whitening procedure with no harmful effect to your teeth. Side effects of a whitening procedure are rare, but a few patients may notice extra sensitivity in their teeth. This generally lasts just a few days and should soon subside. Our experienced Epsom dentists are also available should you have any questions before or after having your teeth whitened.

To arrange a consultation to discuss a teeth whitening procedure, please contact the Clock Tower Dental Clinic on 01372 720136.