Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Christmas Indulgence

Don’t spoil the festivities with self-induced dental problems.

Christmas is a time of the year when many of us try to relax and take a few days off from work.

Most of us will probably also acknowledge that we over indulge and ‘let ourselves go’ a little too. Whilst this may mean putting on a few extra pounds, this is usually reversible as we get back into our normal routine after the holiday period.

The same cannot always be said for the damage that we do to our teeth at this time of the year. Below, our Epsom dental team look at ways to keep your teeth in good condition during the Christmas and New Year break and the excesses which may occur!

Keep the sugars down

Few of us will stick to our normal diet at Christmas and many of us will, perhaps, keep dipping our hand in the chocolate box or biscuit tin whilst we watch TV. This means a continual feast for the bacteria that live in our mouths which thrive on the sugars that we eat, and produce acids that harm the enamel of our teeth. Try to keep your intake of sugar to a reasonable level.

Soft drinks

We may consume more sugary drinks at Christmas too and this will have the same effect as above. Try to at least alternate your sugary drink intake with fresh water.


This is another ‘traditional’ over indulgence, and many people who don’t normally drink will do so at this time of the year. Aside from the sugars in alcohol, it can cause the mouth to become dry; just the type of environment that harmful bacteria love. This can present a threat to the health of our gums. There is also always the additional danger of accidents if we drink too much and unfortunately we see too may broken and chipped teeth which result from this!

Nuts and bottles

It is rare, post Christmas when we are back at work, not to see at least one patient who has chipped or broken a tooth by trying to crack a nut with their teeth. Please don’t do this – our teeth are not made for this purpose and it’s why nutcrackers were invented!  Even more importantly, please don’t be foolish enough to try to open a beer bottle with your teeth. In addition to the risk of breaking your teeth, facial lacerations can also occur when it all goes badly wrong.

Make an effort

After a hard day of eating, drinking and watching TV, many of us will feel tired by the end of the day, and may well feel tempted to skip cleaning our teeth before getting into bed. This is a very bad idea, and, if anything, you should pay even more attention to looking after your teeth at this time of the year.

We hope that all patients of the Clock Tower Dental Clinic have a great Christmas and New Year, and of course, free of any dental problems. If you do need to see a dentist in an emergency, please call our regular number on 01372 720136 and listen to the answerphone message for instructions on how to make contact for an emergency appointment during the holiday period.