Prompt Action Can Save A Tooth

Emergency dental appointments are available at our Epsom dental practice.

It goes without saying that the best oral health care consists of quality home cleaning, along with regular examinations by one of the dentists at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic in Epsom. With this, and a reasonably healthy diet, most patients should be able to maintain healthy teeth, perhaps with just a minor procedure or two.

Accidents do happen though, and, of course, unfortunately not everybody follows the above regimen. In either case, dental emergencies can arise and it is inadvisable to ignore them when they do.

When do I need an emergency appointment?

Some people consider it a dental emergency when they are experiencing severe toothache. Whilst this certainly should be classed as such, a dental emergency can also be when prompt treatment is needed to prevent further harm or damage to the teeth, gums or mouth.

For example, if a large section of a tooth has broken off, perhaps because of a fall, or biting on something harder than expected, this can be classed as a dental emergency, even if no pain is experienced. Ignoring a case like this is likely to result in further damage to the tooth, possibly resulting in its removal. On the other hand, prompt action may mean that the tooth can be saved. Sometimes a simple filling is sufficient but where damage is more significant, dental crowns or other treatments may be used instead.

How quickly can you see me?

As soon as you feel that you need an emergency appointment, please don’t delay and call us immediately, or as soon as the practice opens. We always endeavour to see emergency patients the same day where we possibly can. Calling us as early in the day as possible makes a same day appointment more likely than if you leave it later. Should the practice be closed, such as over the Christmas period or on a Sunday, please listen to the message on the practice answerphone which will offer information  as to how treatment can be obtained quickly.

Of course, as mentioned earlier,  preventative dental care offers a better, and happier, route to a healthy mouth and the dentists and hygienists at our Epsom practice are here to help you with this. Our priority is to help you keep your teeth intact and your gums healthy. Occasionally you may need minor treatments, such as one of our mercury free fillings if a small cavity is detected, but, through preventative dental care, we hope to keep these to a minimum.

If you have recently moved to Surrey and are looking for a dentist, either for family dental care or cosmetic dental treatments, why not arrange to visit us to see what we can offer you? Please call the Clock Tower Dental Clinic today on 01372 720136.