Single Day Teeth Replacement In Epsom

How the revolutionary ‘All On 4’ implant procedure can provide a new set of teeth in relatively few hours.

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we are a long-established dental implant studio, well known not just in Epsom, but across Surrey too. With our highly skilled and experienced team, we have provided many happy patients with implants to replace missing teeth.

Whilst many now recognise that implants are the best option for replacing an individual missing tooth, offering both longevity and strength; fewer people perhaps, realise that they can also be used when a full arch of teeth need replacing.

Dentures or implants

The standard method of replacing teeth, where a full arch is needed, has long been use of dentures. A dental bridge is not an option as it needs adjacent teeth to be attached to. Whilst dentures have certainly improved greatly over the years, and now look more natural and offer a greater degree of comfort, they are not without their problems.

The two key concerns that patients sometimes express when discussing dentures is that they are tricky to keep clean and that they can move around in the mouth. It is this latter issue which often persuades patients to opt for the ‘teeth in a day’ option. The fact is that dentures move around, not because of what they are, but because, over time, with no teeth roots to hold in place, the jawbone gradually thins and loses density, causing it to change shape. When this happens, dentures can become less stable and move around.

All On 4

An alternative to dentures, which many of our Epsom patients have taken up, is the use of dental implants to hold a fixed bridge in place. The good news is that, in some cases, this procedure can be used for patients who have already suffered bone loss, without the need for a bone graft prior to the procedure. We will, of course, need to examine and x-ray your jaw first before confirming this.

The procedure itself involves placing either four (or sometimes six) dental implants. These are regular titanium dental implants with the exception of those placed in the rear of the mouth. The rear versions are specially designed and placed at an angle into the bone. It is this factor that allows us to use them for patients with degraded jawbone and the technique also offers additional and immediate stability. Once placed, a fixed bridge of teeth can usually be attached straight away, leaving you ready to leave our practice with a new set of teeth!

Whilst you can, in theory, start to eat normally quite quickly, we would advise caution and a gradual return to regular eating.  This is partially for your own comfort as there may be some residual soreness for a few days, but also, your new teeth may feel a little strange at first until you become used to them. We advise that you start eating soft foods initially and gradually return to your normal diet as you start to feel more confident. You should, of course, still make sure that your gums are kept clean in order to prevent gum disease and we will offer guidance on the most effective way of achieving this.

If you are interested in this excellent alternatives to dentures and would like to know more, please call our Epsom dental practice on 01372 720136.