Clock Tower Dental – Your Gentle Epsom Dentist!

How we make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

It is indisputable that many people have a genuine fear of visiting the dentist.

Whilst, for some, this is at a manageable level, for others it can deter them from keeping their dental appointments, sometimes for years without seeing a dentist.

At the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, we see our fair share of nervous dental patients. Some simply need a reassuring friendly dentist to help put them at ease whilst they receive their treatment, but for others, it is not enough. For these patients, we have gone the extra mile to offer additional help.

Below, we take a look at some of the techniques and equipment available at our Epsom practice to assist anxious patients.

The Wand and INJEX

Both of these are relatively new methods of administering local anaesthetic. For some people, it is the ‘needle’ that they fear much more than even the most invasive procedure. This is obviously a problem as procedures without anaesthetic would prove to be painful. The Wand is the more established of these new methods and works by first of all ‘freezing’ the gum with  a topical anaesthetic before the local anaesthetic is administered using a very fine needle, which is not felt due to the topical anaesthetic.

INJEX is, similarly, a pain free method for numbing the area of a procedure. This time, it is administered using an extremely fine needle (less than a fifth of a millimetre). It uses comparatively small doses and any sensation felt is minimal. Our investment in both of these pieces of dental equipment has proved to be very popular with some of our more anxious patients, and we continue to look at new developments which improve the experience even further.


Whilst these are both very helpful; for some patients, it is not simply the needle which they fear, but the whole dental experience. This can result in many years without seeing a dentist, often resulting in invasive procedures being needed, where a minor one would have been the case if spotted earlier. To help patients with this level of anxiety, sedation is available at the Clock Tower Dental Clinic, and we have a long serving Harley Street doctor, Dr Joe Omar, on hand when this is required.

You can be assured that we will do all that we can to put you at ease when you visit our Epsom based dentist. Our staff are fully trained to help patients feel as relaxed and at ease as possible. With this, and the above aids also available, we feel confident that you will find your visits to us, more pleasant than you may expect!

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